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Wordbase Is A Word Game That Combins Scrabble & Letterpress [Android]

Word games have been around for ages and they still live on as strong as ever in today’s smartphone era. Being an Android user, you don’t have to worry about finding one because the Play Store houses countless games that fit this genre. Wordbase is one such new kid on the block that couldn’t escape our radar. Essentially, it is a word game that requires you to strategically reach your opponents base, not with weapons or climbing humongous mountains, but rather with a strong vocabulary, one word at a time.


Wordbase is entirely turn-by-turn game with focus on multiplayer. The game was previously only available on iOS devices, but an Android version has recently hit Google Play. When you start the game, you need to connect either your Facebook or Google account, or alternatively sign in with your email to access all its features. That said, when you log in, you’re presented with the home screen where you can hop onto your profile, change a few game related settings, and play the game by tapping ‘New game’.

Wordbase Wordbase_Main

The Facebook or Google connection are essentially there to let you quickly play with your friends, but you can also play with random opponents if you want. The game lets you view opponents profile, view how many games have they one or lost, add them as friend or throw an invite right away. The game sports a beautiful, flat interface which looks fairly exquisite on both platforms.

Wordbase_New Screenshot_2014-06-07-12-23-42 Wordbase_Start


The game carries a 13 x 10 grid board filled with random letters. The rules are pretty simple: you play as one of two colors, orange or blue where the bottom layer tiles is the blue player’s base and the top layer of tiles is the orange player’s base. When you start a new game, you’re randomly assigned any of the top or bottom rows, and what you need to do from there on is defend your base at all cost.

The game requires you to reach your opponents base before they reach yours by completing one word at a time. Every word you create by tapping on the corresponding tile should have a meaning. When you capture a tile it automatically turns into your color (blue or orange), thus establishing a link or block of letters back to your base. Your opponent does get the chance to break this link though, for instance, if your opponent makes a word that uses one of the tiles you have captured. It’s like a RPG of word games, where you must plan every word ahead.

Wordbase_Gameplay1 Wordbase Gameplay2

The game also has a few black tiles scattered in the grid which are called ‘bursting tiles’. Capturing these will get you all of the surrounding tiles. There’s a cool animation where all the tiles in the board jump, like a shockwave is passing through.

Wordbase Gameplay3 Wordbase Gameplay 4

You can also resign a game anytime if you want, but this will of course make your opponent win that session.

Wordbase Resign Wordbase_Resign

The game is available for free at Play Store but lets you play only one game at at time. If you want to experience multiple game simultaneously  then it also offers an in-app premium upgrade which offers unlimited gaming sessions.

Install Wordbase from Play Store

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