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Words MishMash Brings Find-the-word Puzzles To Your Finger Tips [Android]

For fans of word puzzles, there is no shortage of options on the Google Play Store. Words MishMash, created by Magma Mobile, is a newcomer in town that I found fairly enjoyable in every way. At its core, the game asks you to find hidden words in blocks of letters to earn points in 2 different difficulty modes. Your objective? Find and mark all these words hidden inside the alphabets grid as quickly as you can. The game sports decent visuals and runs equally well on all Android hardware including smartphones and tablets.

When you hit ‘Play’ on the main screen, Words MishMash gives you the option to choose between normal and hard difficulty modes. The latter difficulty level isn’t available for you to try your hand with though, meaning you have to play through the easier level in order to get to the more challenging one. You can also change the user language as well as toggle in-game audio from the game’s Settings screen.

Words MishMash_main Words MishMash_difficulty

The actual gameplay comprises a 8 x 8 grid board filled with random English alphabets. In order to complete a level, you must find all the hidden words shown above by mapping them in correct direction on the alphabets grid. To form a new word, for instance, all you have to do is swipe your finger over the alphabets from one end to the other in horizontal, vertical or diagonal directions. For example, if you want to form the word ‘Voice’ from the jumbled block, you will need to tap the letter V and then go all the way towards S in the grid until your final letter is highlighted as complete.

Words MishMash_Gameplay2 Words MishMash_Gameplay1

You can also use three different in-game clues to make the puzzles more readable and faster to solve. For instance, tapping the first clue option from left highlights the first letter of three formable words. Though you must keep in mind that these clues can only be used a certain number of times and you’ll have to discipline yourself to only use them when you see no way out.

What I thought was the best feature of this game is its simple design. Unlike most other crossword games available for Android, the puzzles in Words MishMash use generic clues that any English-speaking person can easily solve. The only caveat with Words MishMash is that it doesn’t display any countdown regarding the total time you might be taking to solve the current puzzle. But other than that, it’s a really great game to try.

Words MishMash_gameplay3 Words MishMash_gameplay4 Words MishMash_gameplay5Words MishMash_

Words MishMash is available at the Google Play Store and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and above.

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  1. I kept waiting for the twist that makes it like a crossword puzzle… Had almost finished the article when I realized that they actually meant word search. Very frustrating.

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