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WORDWAVE Is An Easily & Extensively Customizable SwiftKey-Like Keyboard For Android

Typing on a smartphone keyboard can sometimes end up feeling like a nightmare. If you miss out by just a small distance when hitting a key, you’ll end up typing a neighboring one. And good luck texting your buddies should you be blessed with unusually large thumb and finger sizes. Fortunately, predictive keyboard apps like SwiftKey and Google keyboard are quite handy to quickly correct your typos and enter the suggested words, making your typing experience more intuitive. If you’re looking for another option in this genre, try the recently released WORDWAVE Keyboard. The core functionality of the app is its capability to learn words as you type – something that reminds me of SwiftKey. The app provides three suggestion as you type, and you can quickly choose the most relevant one from the lot. In addition, the application comes with a handful of themes that look pretty classy. Read past the jump for more details.

WORDWAVE Keyboard one-ups the word predicting standards set by its predominant competitors by offering a few surprises you aren’t likely to find on another keyboard app. Not only does it provide quite a responsive and accurate typing experience, but it also gives users a whole lot of control over how it reacts to the their preferences. When installed, WORDWAVE provides a brief tour of its features. Next, it presents a Settings screen from where you can configure a host of parameters. Make sure you enable the keyboard first in order to use it. WORDWAVE can also learn from your Gmail and Facebook apps.

Wordwave Settings Wordwave Settings 2

Further down the road, you will find a blue slider that lets you specify your typing style. You can set anything between fast (corrective) and precise (predictive) options. The Settings screen also allows you to toggle on-screen predictions, key press volume and vibration, auto space and auto insert. Furthermore, it gets you acquainted with the usage of the app. Instead of the long-press feature found in other keyboards, WORDWAVE lets you enter numbers/symbols, and even capitalize words via gestures. For instance, you can swipe UP on an alphabet to change it to upper case, or swipe down to select the symbol on that key.

The last thing you will notice in Settings is that it keeps track of your typing efficiency, strokes saved, and total words corrected and predicted.

Now that you’ve configured it to your liking, let’s get to the actual keyboard view, which looks really cool. The stellar customization elements of WORDWAV allow you mold it as you please. If you press the minuscule gear button, a small bar pops up at the bottom, letting you change the skin, color, popup letter effect, key symbols, keyboard size and font. My disappointment, however, came with the unusual placement of the Backspace key, which can be found at the bottom-left; I couldn’t help ending up pressing the L or M keys every time I needed to hit backspace. Secondly, the spacebar is also not as convenient to hit as it could be.

Wordwave keyboard Wordwave themes & personalization

Over all, WORDWAVE Keyboard is a brilliant keyboard app for Android. The app is still in beta and can be installed for for free.

Install WORDWAVE Keyboard from Play Store


  1. impossible to have for my Motorola Razr I in france !! country restriction it seems, too bad

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