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Record Audio From 5 Minutes In The Past With HEARD For iPhone

Voice Memos has been in the news lately, owing to its disappearance and reappearance in iOS 7 beta. Having said that, it’s not like that app is the only voice recorder available for iOS, since there are plenty of third-party options like Pocket Recorder and Recordium out there. However, HEARD is anything but an ordinary audio recorder. The concept behind apps like timelyy has been utilized by a lot of developers, but HEARD is among the first to apply a similar idea to audio recording instead of photos. This useful iOS app runs in the background for as long as you want, but instead of continuously recording useless snippets of silence, the app lets you decide if something is worth saving or not, even if it was spoken five minutes ago! This might sound incredible as well as quite complex but once you get down to using HEARD, the app turns out to be pretty simple.


HEARD works by initiating a buffer period as soon as the app is launched. For this duration, the app keeps recording, and at the end of the period, the recording is discarded automatically unless you manually make the app do otherwise. By default, the HEARD buffer is a meager 12 seconds, which means that you have to be constantly vigilant in order to get the most out of the app. This limitation, however, can be overcome by making an investment of $1.99. By purchasing a bigger audio buffer, HEARD becomes capable of letting you record items that were captured up to 5 minutes ago.

HEARD is capable of running in the background, and displays a thick red bar at the top of the home screen while you’re on it. Whenever you feel like a snippet is worth saving, open the app and hit the big red button located in the middle of the screen. Clips saved in HEARD appear in the ‘Library’ section of HEARD, where users can rename them or view additional information like recording length and the time when the clip was saved. The app also supports an elaborate tagging system, letting users create new tags simply by entering edit mode in the library section and writing comma-separated keywords in the ‘Tags’ field. These tags can later come in handy if you want to perform a search for clips within the HEARD library.

Although HEARD is a free app, it can be considered little more than a trial of the real thing without the in-app purchase. Spending a couple of bucks on such a useful app shouldn’t be too big of a deal for most users though. You can give this iPhone/iPod touch-optimized app a shot by heading to the following link.

Install HEARD from App Store


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