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Write Notes And Sync Them To Dropbox Or Google Drive [Android]

I think I can say with absolute certainty that there are many different ways to keep notes on Android. Google Keep, for instance, is a really nice app if you’re quickly jotting things down. And it syncs well with your Google Account too. Evernote provides the best note taking experience across platforms. But not everyone wants to play with loads of features that Evernote throws at you, and some people prefer simplicity over complexity when it comes to creating and saving notes. If you’ve been looking for a way to write notes on your Android device that sync with your Dropbox or Google Drive, then Sync Notes is might be the right tool for you. Although it has a pretty simple interface, it gets you to what you want fast.

Sync Notes doesn’t do a lot of things and it isn’t a Evernote competitor by any means. The app is rather designed to let you jot down things really fast, and have them synced to the cloud. This doesn’t imply that Sync Notes doesn’t save notes locally on your device. You can, in fact, access your tasks, to do’s or other notes both online and offline.

The user interface is quite barebones. The home screen carries the list of all your notes, and you can tap on one to open it in the note editor. New notes can be quickly created by tapping the plus button. There’s a magnifying glass icon that lets you access Search to find a particular item from the list.

Sync Notes_Main Sync Notes_Editor

The note editing screen doesn’t carry many options, but those that are there work as they should. You can easily specify font size, for instance, as well as change background color of the canvas to plain, yellow, orange and a couple of others. Sync Notes also lets you specify font type. When you need to store a new note from scratch, the app lets you type its custom title and the main note in the Subject field. When you hit back, the app automatically stores it for you.

Long press an item on the list to bring up delete, save, or export options for the note. The available choices for exporting, as mentioned earlier, include Dropbox and Google Drive.

Sync Notes_Theme Sync Note_Long tap Sync Notes_Dropbox

All the notes are labeled with a date, which is automatically set by the app itself. Another thing you can do is add labels to your notes. Each label is color coded and helps you identify notes quickly and easily. Some of the labels like Work, Ideas and Personal are predefined, but you can also create custom labels and pick a color code of your own.

Another nifty little feature is the ability to lock the app with a password, which enables you to protect any classified information that you may have stored from prying eyes. The lock feature can be enabled from Sync Notes’ settings screen.

Sync Notes_Sidebar Sync Notes_Label manager Sync Notes_New label

Sync Notes is available as a free app at Google Play. You can download it via the link provide below.

Install Sync Notes from Play Store


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