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Best Portable Jump Starters of 2024

Best Portable Jump Starters of 2023

A portable jump starter is something that every car owner should have. Still, not all are good quality or reliable for those times you really need them. We’ve selected the top best portable jump starters currently available on the market. We’ll go over all the pros, cons, features, and prices so you know exactly which jump starter will fit your needs best. After all, if you can take the stress out of a dead battery, it’s really a no brainer that you should.

Quick Overview: 7 Best Portable Jump Starters

  1. TOPDON JUMPSURGE1200 (jump to review)
  2. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter (jump to review)
  3. NEXPOW 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter (jump to review)
  4. Schumacher DSR115 (jump to review)
  5. Bookoo 2000A Car Jump Starter (jump to review)
  6. BUTURE Portable Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor (jump to review)
  7. NOCO boost max (jump to review)


Topdon jump starter


  •  Can jump start a battery within 1-2 seconds
  •  Boost mode makes it into a temporary battery for vehicles without batteries or flat ones
  •  Can be a power bank for compatible electronic devices such as smartphones, etc.
  • Has 7 different safety features, such as reverse polarity protection, safeties against short circuits, over-currents, reverse charges, high or low temperatures, sparks, and also has indicator lights if you’re using the connections improperly.
  • Rain and dust resistant with drop-rugged protection
  • Fits in your glove box
  • Comes with an LED flashlight
  • Instructions are printed right on it so you won’t lose them
  • Comes with a warranty and 1 year quality assurance
  • Can be used as a power source for 12V car accessories, like car vacuums, tire inflators, etc.


  •  Using it as a charger for other devices does drain its battery a decent amount
  •  Cords could be a little longer
  •  Takes 6+ hours to fully charge the starter

Price: $89.99

Cranking Power: Not listed, though it does claim to be able to work at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, so this means if you’re in particularly cold weather it might not be a good fit for you.

Peak Power: 1200A

Weight: 2.09 lbs


This is one of many lithium ion jump starters that make our list. Besides being a great tool that does its job, it has tons of extra features on top of that, blending safety, efficiency, and reliability. Jump starting a dead car battery is easy. You can even get 25 jumps from only one charge, it’s easy to use and ruggedly built for quality and durability.

Where to buy: Amazon

2. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000A UltraSafe Car Battery Jump Starter

Noco jump starter


  • Can start a dead battery in seconds
  • Compact
  • Safety features such as spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection
  • Portable power bank
  • LED flashlight with 7 light modes
  • USB ports for charging other devices
  • Fast recharge, about 3 hours!
  • Water resistant and heavy duty
  • 1-year warranty
  • Very simple to use
  • Well made, lasting longer than many other jump starters


  •   Unsuitable for larger vehicle types
  •   Has slightly fewer charges compared to other brands
  •  Fewer safety features than some
  • More expensive than some brands

Price: $124.95

Cranking Power: Not listed

Peak Power: 1000A

Weight: 2.4 lbs


While it may be a little more spendy and a little less powerful than Topdon, the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 does have a better reputation for being high quality. It still has much of the same elements you’re looking for such as being a good battery charger, acting as a portable power station, etc. Yet, where it excels is how quickly this starter recharges itself when plugged in to a USB. It’s zippy, ready to go again in no time at all.

Where to buy: Amazon

3. NEXPOW 2000A Peak Car Jump Starter

Nexpow jump starter


  •  Extensive safety features and error detection
  •  Portable power bank with enhanced quick charge for your USB devices
  •  Powerful enough to jump start larger vehicles, like trucks
  •  Works even in cold weather temps, as low as -4 Fahrenheit
  •  2 year warranty
  •  Multi-functionality, such as built-in flashlight


  •   Unlike many of the others on this list, it will not jump start a completely dead battery,      so be warned 
  •   The jump starter should be powered at least 25 percent before use
  •   Slower to recharge itself

Price: $99.99

Cranking Power: Not listed, but it does work in cold temperatures of -4 Fahrenheit!

Peak Power: 2000A

Weight: 2.2 lb


If you need more amps, this is a good option for you. It has all the safety features you could need, plus an impressive warranty compared to most companies. While it can’t charge a fully dead battery, it can handle most of your needs, and for a fair price too.

Where to buy: Amazon

4. Schumacher DSR115

Schumacher jump starter


  •  Professional grade, including heavy-duty trucks and class 8+/CE vehicles
  •  Extremely powerful at 4400 peak amps
  •  Great in cold weather
  •  Easy to use with digital display
  •  Durable components and rust-proof case
  •  Portable power station
  •  Will jump start any 4 through 10 cylinder gasoline or diesel engine


  •   Heavier and bulkier than many other portable jump starters
  •   Uses lead acid batteries, rather than lithium
  •   Expensive
  •   Very slow to recharge itself
  •   Cumbersome 3 pronged cord
  •   Difficult to maneuver and lift

Price: $605.08

Cranking Power: 750A, 525 cold cranking amps

Peak Power: 4400A

Weight: 41.2 lbs


If you need to jump start a typical car battery, this will not be the product for you. It’s heavy, doesn’t have fun extras like a built in led flashlight, and is quite spendy. That said, if you have the need to jump start big, industrial level vehicles, this is a reliable work horse that will save your bacon even in cold temperatures. It’s durable, powerful, and great quality.

Where to buy: Amazon

5. Bookoo 2000A Car Jump Starter

Bookoo jump starter


  •  Great in cold temperatures (down to -4 F)
  •  Can be charged via USB cable, cigarette lighter car adapter, or by solar panel!
  •  Comes with two jump starters so one can charge while the other is in use
  •  Built-in safety capabilities such as spark elimination, and other common safety      measures
  •  Has two USB ports for charging your mobile devices
  •  Rugged and waterproof, usable even in harsh weather
  •  Doubles as an LED flashlight


  •   Cable a bit short
  •   Doesn’t have as many charges as some models
  •   A bit more complex to use if you’re utilizing the solar functions
  •   Doesn’t hold its charge as long as other models

Price: $199.99

Cranking Power: Not listed, but works well in cold weather

Peak Power: 2000A

Weight: 5.92 lbs


Ok, this one is just plain cool. If you’re looking for more off-grid, self-sustaining options in your portable jump starter, this is the one for you. It can be charged through traditional means, such as wall outlets, or you can use the solar panels! It’s great if you live in rural areas, for emergency use, or while camping, especially since you can power your phone and other USB devices too. Besides that, it is higher rated for water resistance than other models, making it great in all situations.

Where to buy: Amazon

6. BUTURE Portable Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Buture jump starter


  • High capacity and heavy duty
  • USB compatible, will act as a power station
  • Recharges within 4.5 hours
  • Emergency light and LCD screen, extra bright floodlight compared to other models
  • Smart safety jumper cables
  • Built in air compressor and tire pressure reader for filling up tires
  • Starts a flat car battery in seconds


  •   Tire inflator must be cooled down every 8 minutes in use
  •   Doesn’t support heavy duty truck tires
  •   Inflating tires drains the battery somewhat quickly

Price: $149.99

Cranking Power: Not listed

Peak Power: 3500A

Weight: 6.17


This is a reliable jump starter that also doubles as an air compressor for flat tires! It still comes with much of the same double features found in the other car jump starters on this list, but it’s a little more heavy duty, plus the tire inflator makes it a life saver in what could otherwise be an extremely stressful situation.

Where to buy: Amazon

7. NOCO boost max

Noco boost max starter


  •  Extremely powerful. Can handle almost any vehicle
  •  Extra safety capabilities like spark-proof design
  •  Commercial grade, including semi-trucks and heavy duty vehicles
  •  Good portability for how much power it provides
  •  Multi-functional to power other devices, LED flashlight
  •  Can be used for 24V vehicles


  •   Heavier than most jump starters
  •   Extremely expensive
  •   Warranties can be expensive too

Price: $1107.95

Cranking Power: Not listed

Peak Power: 3000A

Weight: 21lbs


Admittedly, a thousand dollars is a LOT to spend on a jump starter. But, if you have heavy duty needs, this will be worth every penny. Most people are not going to need this starter. But, if you have a 24V vehicle, like a semi, bus, motorhome, etc. then it may be just what you need. Speaking of motorhome, here’s an article about your best internet options for campers!

Meanwhile, this starter is not only great for personal needs, it’s also especially helpful for vocational and commercial use, such as with mining or agricultural equipment. Big machinery need power, and that power comes with a price. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and your farming equipment needs a jump, you’ll be glad you have it.

Where to buy: Amazon

How we tested the jump starters

Jumper cables on battery

Jump starters were tested based on these functions:

  • How quickly they charged the vehicle’s batteries
  • Ease of use
  • Multi-functionality
  • Wait time for charging the jump starter’s battery
  • Portability
  • How it holds up to repeated use
  • Safety

How do portable jump starters work?

Man with jumper cables

Understanding how portable jump starters work is easy. It’s basically a powerful battery pack that’s able to provide power to a vehicle’s battery, without the use of another vehicle as you may have seen or done through the years. You no longer have to rely on the kindness of strangers when you’re unexpectedly stranded. Instead, you have your own handheld device that makes it quick, easy, and done without needing to flag someone down that you may not know. After all, being stranded is stressful. If you want more tips for the possibility of being stuck in the middle of nowhere, here’s what to do when your phone says no service.

So how do portable jump starters work? First, make sure your jump starter is already charged before you leave the house, which you can do through a wall outlet or USB cable. Some portable chargers even let you use your car’s 12V outlet, which is handy for road trips.

From there, you can jump your car as you normally would with traditional jumper cables. There should be some that come with your portable jump starter, already. There will also be instructions that come with your jump starter, be sure to follow them closely. You are dealing with electricity, it’s possible to harm yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Be sure to take safety precautions, follow directions, and be extremely careful. When in doubt, you may want to call road-side service if you don’t feel like you are ready to do it on your own. Better yet, try to research and find someone to show you how to use them well before you even need them. This way, if ever need to jump a dead battery, you already know how to, safely.

How to pick a jump starter

Jumper cables

Picking a portable jump starter should be well thought out. These can be a bit spendy, depending on the quality you purchase, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re getting something you don’t have to keep replacing. Not to mention, quality also means it will work when you’re car is stuck in the middle of nowhere and won’t start… Here are some features to keep in mind.

Battery size and voltage:

Vehicles come with various battery sizes and voltages so be sure to know what yours are before you buy. Typical cars, SUVs and some trucks use 12-volt batteries. Smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, use 6-volt. Commercial, industrial, and even military vehicles often use 24-volt. Handy tip? You can use a portable jump starter on watercraft, snowmobiles, and other kinds of vehicles with batteries.

Regular jump starters tend to be compatible with batteries ranging from 6-12 volts. If you need something more you’ll want an industrial-grade or specialized jump starter.

Battery type:

The type of battery your portable jump starter has will depend on the model and size. Often, newer smaller models use lithium-ion batteries. Larger, older ones tend towards lead-acid types.

To be frank, lithium-ion types often prove superior to lead-acid jump starters. Lithium ones are smaller, easier to transport and use, hold a charge more efficiently, work better in cold weather, have a longer lifespan, and provide more energy density than lead-acid starters. They are also easier to charge and often come with useful extras.

Ease of use:

The best portable jump starters are ones that are easy to use. The last thing you need in a stressful situation is to be fumbling with some overly complex equipment. Besides the simplicity factor, some other useful features to keep a look out for include proper cable length and high quality materials and clamps so that the process is more efficient. Also be sure that it comes with instructions. In high-stress or rushed situations it’s important to have a thorough and efficient guide to keep you on track and safe. Some jump starters also have smart modules, which tell you if you’re connected to the battery correctly, and when you’re safe to start your engine.

Safety features:

As already mentioned, it’s important to be careful when working around a battery. Some jump starters have additional safety features to make this easier, though this is by no means the default in every product. Here are some things to look for:

  • Anti-spark capabilities
  • Reverse polarity protection so that if you have the cables connected wrong, a warning light or alarm comes on.
  • Short circuit protection to keep current from passing through the clamps when accidentally touched together
  • Over-current protection keeps the jump starter safe by not oversupplying the current when it’s at its limit
  • Over-voltage protection keeps the jump pack from being overcharged when charging it
  • Smart module (already mentioned), keeps you abreast of safety warnings and instructions

Obviously you’ll want to get the best deal possible when purchasing a portable jump starter. That said, there should be a balance between quality, features, applicability, and how much this is all worth. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. You want something reliable and safe, sometimes the price will reflect that. That said, if you only need this for emergencies and don’t think you’ll use it much, you may as well find a deal.

Power (cranking and peak):

Most of us have a general idea of what an amp is, which is to say something vaguely related to electricity, right? Well, here’s a quick rundown of what is meant when your jump starter brags about how much power it can give you.

Peak Amps: These ratings are generally used to tell you how “strong” your jump starter is in comparison to others. If you’re comparing a 400 peak amp jump starter to a 1000 one, obviously you’ll know which one is more powerful. Peak amps refers to the maximum current/power a jump starter can discharge in a short burst.

Cranking Amps: This tells you the amount of power your battery can discharge for 30 seconds at temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold Cranking Amps: The amount of power your battery can discharge for 30 seconds at temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in cold climates or want to be ready for winter, this will be of use to you, since it’s harder to start an engine in colder weather.

400-600 amps is plenty to start most normal, everyday vehicles. Industrial or commercial types may need 1500-2000 amps. Small vehicles may only need 150. Just keep in mind factors like weather, temperature, vehicle size, and even age as older vehicles need more power to charge. Also note, many portable jump starters will only list their peak amps, not their cranking or cold cranking amps. If these features are particularly important to you, you’ll need to do a bit of sleuthing.

Extra features

Who doesn’t love extra features? In fact, if you’re dying for more multi-purpose suggestions, here are some gadgets that Batman would be envious of! But I digress. Jump starters can come with gadgets of their own. One of the benefits of using a Lithium based starter is these often have extra features. Here are some you may find useful:

  • Flashlight function
  • Multiple USB ports for charging electronics
  • LCD display
  • Air compressor
  • Emergency hammer
  • Compass

Obviously these depend on what features you personally find useful, but, that said, one can never be too prepared.


Now you know the best portable jump starters out there for your needs. Just remember to weigh the specifics your vehicle, decide which budget fits your finances, and, above all else, be safe when dealing with jumper cables.

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