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The Best Gaming Mouse (Review) in 2021

If you’re looking for the best gaming mouse, we’re here to help you narrow down the field. We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 gaming mice so that no matter what kind of gamer you are, you can spend less time shopping and more time playing (and winning).

Whether it’s maneuvering characters, optimizing device specs, or even beating bandwidth limitations imposed by ISPs, the difference between pro and casual gamers ultimately comes down to one factor: control. Alongside your keyboard, no single gadget in your arsenal is more emblematic of this control than your mouse.

But, not all gaming mice are created equal, so today we’re going to present 10 options tailored to different play-styles and needs. Whether you’re an MMO gamer in need of extra buttons for hotkeys, an FPS prodigy in need of the ultimate in precision, or you’re simply looking for customizable catch-all, stay tuned–this article is for you.

Ten Best Mice for Gaming

As with any tech product, the market is absolutely saturated with gaming mouse options. Rather than succumb to analysis paralysis, check out our top 10 list to get a feel for which mouse best fits your needs and budget.

#1 – Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: USB / 2.4GHz wireless | Buttons: 11 | Weight: 114 g

  • Comes with fully programmable buttons and customizable RGB lighting
  • Used either wired or wirelessly via USB or Powerplay wireless pad
  • Optimized right-handed design stands out from Logitech’s ambidextrous catalogue
  • High end price

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse features the incredibly accurate Hero 16K sensor, tunable weights, light sync RGB, and is Powerplay compatible for easy wireless charging and enhanced precision.

As evidenced in the name, the Logitech G502 is equipped with the cutting-edge Lightspeed technology, which is used by pro gamers for its unparalleled stability, connectivity, and latency reduction. Combined with the highly responsive Hero 16K sensor, this mouse goes as fast as you do. For gamers in need of button customization, there’s a lot to love here with 11 fully programmable buttons.

For eco-focused consumers, Logitech has pledged to make its G502 mouse completely plastic-neutral, so for every kilogram of plastic used to produce mice, the company will release funding for recycling programs to manage an equivalent amount of plastic waste.

Though the G502 is pricey, it has premium build-quality, zero drag, and arguably the best optical sensor on the market. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop and budget is no concern, you’ll find your $149.99 well-spent.

Verdict: The best gaming mouse for high-budget gamers. CHECK PRICES

#2 – Razer Mamba HyperFlux Wireless Gaming Mouse & Mouse Pad

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: Wireless dongle/USB | Buttons: 9 | Weight: 96g

  • Extremely precise, fast, and lightweight
  • Great ergonomics common to the Mamba line
  • Mouse is essentially tethered to its mat, recalling old-school USB mice

The Razer Mamba HyperFlux wireless gaming mouse and pad is designed for accuracy, high speed, and twitch sensitivity. Dialing it in with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor along with Razer’s proprietary Adaptive Frequency Technology, the Mamba HyperFlux will never slow you down. This is even more true when you consider the mouse’s weight, just 96g thanks to its lack of an onboard battery, opting instead to draw power from its pad. Of course, this means that your Mamba HyperFlux doesn’t work at all without the pad, but this is rarely a concern given that this product is squarely aimed towards professional stationary gaming rigs. Equipped with a super capacitor in place of a battery, the Mamba HyperFlux will function for 5-10 on its own, so no need to worry about it dying the moment it leaves the pad.

Razer makes customization of the Mamba HyperFlux a breeze with their proprietary Synapse driver software. Far from being a simple compatibility plug-in, Synapse allows you to assign macros or rebind commands, then save them onto the cloud for easy backup and recall. Other functionality includes in-game stat tracking and click heat maps, so you can take your metagame to the next level. It’s here where you can also customize the RGB color profile, or choose from one of their myriad presets.

With a $249.99 MSRP, the Razer Mamba HyperFlux certainly doesn’t come cheap. However, superior ergonomics, comprehensive all-in-one customization software, and extreme precision add up to what might just be the world’s top ultra-lightweight gaming mouse.

Verdict: The lightest mouse on our list, but not for everybody due to its price. CHECK PRICES

#3 – Razer Lancehead – Wireless Gaming Mouse

DPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Laser | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 8 | Weight: 113.4g

  • Ambidextrous with rubber side grips
  • Amazing 50-hour battery life
  • Extremely precise
  • Non-removable buttons can interfere with ambidextrous usage

Gaming mice tend to trade battery life for performance, but not the Razer Lancehead, with its incredible 50 hours on a single charge. You also get Razor’s premium 5G laser sensor at 16k DPI and 210 IPS tracking, which pulls no punches on precision and reduces acceleration to a bare minimum.

Not enough? The ergonomics of the Lancehead are great for both right- and left-handed users, though we wish it were possible to remove the buttons on the side you aren’t using. Minor gripes aside, the build feels solid and grippy with rubber side grips, and turns heads with customizable RGB lighting. Just like other top-tier Razer products, the Lancehead is configurable through the Synapse software, with all 8 buttons easily mappable. Patented Adaptive Frequency Technology ensures a stable, strong connection so your mouse never craps out during intense gaming sessions.

Razer’s MSRP on the Lancehead rings in at $139.99, which is expensive but not overly so. Whether you’re a pro looking for a strong mid-range offering or more casual looking to up your game significantly, the Lancehead is hard to beat.

Verdict: Amazing battery life without compromising on performance. CHECK PRICES

#4 – SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

DPI: 12,000 | Sensor: Dual Optical | Interface: Wireless/Wired USB | Buttons: 7 | Weight: 164.4g

  • Exceptional tracking and stability against lift-off
  • Great 15-minute fast charge
  • Questionably placed thumb button

The SteelSeries Rival 650‘s dual optical sensor system isn’t just a marketing gimmick, it noticeably improves crosshair stability in real-word usage. The secret is in the secondary sensor, which gauges depth up to 0.5mm and smartly responds to mouse “lift-off”, which is fairly common in high-intensity gaming. Of course, the primary TrueMotion3+ sensor is no slacker, with 12K DPI and 350 IPS tracking. Battery life is an acceptable 10 hours, but 15-minute fast-charging makes it easy to get back in the game quick.

The Rival 650 also features an eight zone RGB lighting, seven mappable buttons and an adjustable weight system. The body features a soft-touch finish on the palm rest and the side grips, while the right and left mouse buttons feature a matte finish with a gentle concave shape that cradles each of the mousing fingers. The rubberized scroll wheel offers a pleasing, notched movement, and behind it sits a button to adjust the DPI sensitivity. We liked the layout of the 7 available buttons, except for the lateral button beneath the thumb; we found you have to adjust your grip to make use of this, which detracts from the overall ergonomics of the mouse. Definitely not a dealbreaker, as your mileage may vary.

At $119.99 MSRP, the Rival 650 is a premium mouse that is a bit easier on the wallet compared to others in its range.

Verdict: Depth sensor is a nice addition, gamers remain stable on the fly. CHECK PRICES

#5 – Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

CPI: 16,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: Wireless | Buttons: 6 | Weight: 147.4g

  • Incredible aesthetics and ergonomics
  • Optimized for productivity and usability
  • No left-handed version

The MX Master is Logitech’s current flagship wireless mouse, perfectly specced to attract the attention of serious gamers while priced for anyone looking for a major mouse upgrade. The design is simply stunning, and looks like something that flew out of Lockheed-Martin’s Skunkworks rather than a piece of consumer tech. Ergonomics are top notch, with a dual variable-speed wheels that allow for both vertical and horizontal scrolling. Underneath that second wheel are two back and forward buttons, flanked by a gesture button that when used together, truly optimize navigation.

Want more? How about app-specific customizations, allowing you to switch configurations as easily as clicking onto another window; or the ability to simultaneously connect to and switch between three devices of any operating system? Okay, so we’ve just described the perfect catch-all productivity mouse–how does it perform when gaming? The 4000 DPI dark field laser sensor tracks with incredible precision, even on high-gloss surfaces including glass. It won’t give you quite the pinpoint precision as other mice on this list, but when you consider the features for the cost (MSRP of just $99.99), it’s an easy sell for gamers who need their gear to double as a productive workstation.

Verdict: An affordable catch-all mouse with specs good enough for serious gamers. CHECK PRICES

#6 – SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

DPI: 12,000 | Sensor: Dual Optical | Interface: Wired USB | Buttons: 7 | Weight: 142g

  • Great RGB display
  • Dual optical sensors offer great precision and protection vs. lift-off
  • Last-gen device at a great price
  • Thumb buttons are not ideally placed for palm grips

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse - 12,000 CPI TrueMove3+ Dual Optical Sensor

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is purpose-built for esports, both in form and function. A single glance at this elegant mouse reveals killer aesthetics, with bold RGB illumination running up the middle of the body along, beneath the track wheel, and from within the SteelSeries logo. There is a delicate curve to the left along with channeled main buttons that make the Rival 600 an ergonomic dream for right-handed users (less so for lefties). It’s all coated in a lovely soft-touch material, for maximum comfort no matter what game you’re playing.

Like it’s newer brother the Rival 650, the 600 features the useful dual optical sensors for highly precise tracking (@ 12k DPI) and for compensating against mouse lift-off. 7 programmable buttons adorn the shell of this mouse, though again the ones near the thumb seem awkwardly placed for anything other than claw grips. The main buttons sit upon mechanical switches rated up to 60 million clicks, and feature low travel while being robust enough to stop accidental presses when palm gripping.

With the release of the 650, the SteelSeries Rival 600 has dropped in price to $79.99 MSRP, making it an easy mouse to recommend for those who don’t mind (or prefer) USB cable connectivity.

Verdict: A great bang for your buck. CHECK PRICES

#7 – CORSAIR Sabre – RGB Gaming Mouse

DPI: 10,000 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: Wired USB | Buttons: 8 | Weight: 100g

  • Low price, good specs
  • Clean design and ergonomics
  • Lightweight
  • Right-handers only

CORSAIR’s Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse offers great performance without breaking the bank at just $49.99 MSRP. Packing a 10k DPI optical sensor and a 1000MHz refresh rate, you’ll have plenty of sensitivity for twitch gaming like FPS or other esports. Ergonomically, the Sabre RGB lends itself well to any type of grip, though only if you’re right handed. We also loved how light the mouse is at just 100g.

For a product with “RGB” in its name, light displays are relatively spartan compared to some of the other offerings on this list, but we find the layout not only tasteful, but functional with the color-coded DPI indicator for when you make your own adjustments through Corsair’s intuitive CUE software. Here, you can also set custom mappings for up to 8 buttons, which is plenty for almost any gamer.

If 10k DPI isn’t enough, check out CORSAIR’s upgraded Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse, available at 16k and 18k DPI.

Verdict: The most affordable gaming mouse for casual gamers. CHECK PRICES

#8 – VersionTECH. RGB Gaming Mouse

DPI: 2,400 | Sensor: Optical | Interface: Wired USB | Buttons: 6 | Weight: 226g

  • Excellent price
  • Variable DPI and switchable RBG lighting
  • Great design, but some build quality

The VersionTECH. RGB Gaming Mouse offers some eye-catching features in an affordable package. The lightning bolt pattern may seem loud and ostentatious in still photos, but in the flesh it has an attractive 7-color pattern that “breathes” and slowly morphs. To be sure, it isn’t the right aesthetic for everyone, but the display is easily toggled off with a couple of easy button presses.

Indeed it seems VersionTech. wanted users to be able to easily dress their mouse up or down, with 4 preset DPI settings (800/1,200/1,600/2,400) optimized for everything between work and play. The highest settings may not quite cut it for high-level esports, but most gamers with a day job will appreciate that their mouse can do double duty. Speaking of dual natures, the symmetrical design offers some respite for left-handed users, although there are no buttons on the right side of the mouse.

VersionTECH.’s offering may not be the most fully featured or precise mouse out there, but its $35 MSRP allows any deals you may find to really scratch rock bottom in terms of functional budget gaming mice. It makes a great backup mouse.

Verdict: The cheapest multi-purpose gaming mouse. CHECK PRICES

#9 – Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse

DPI: 12,000 | Interface: Wired | Buttons: 11 | Weight: 122g

  • Incredible customization options, from DPI to RGB and weighting
  • Great ergonomics the G502 line is known for
  • Last-gen specs on a budget
  • Not suitable players with big hands

It doesn’t top out our list purely on specs, but true to its name, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse might just be the most customizable mouse in its price range. Probably the single most attractive feature for FPS players, the G502 Proteus Core is enabled with on-the-fly DPI adjustments, from 200-12,000. This is great for going from fast twitch maneuvering to precise sniping in the blink of an eye. Want to fiddle with weighting and balance? Logitech makes that easy too, with five optional 3.6g weights to play with. Of course, like any good RGB mouse, there are ample color schemes available for customization, plus 11 programmable buttons for whatever gaming need you may have. The metal scroll wheel is luxurious, with adjustable friction.

The G502 Proteus Core allows you to store up to three configuration profiles on its internal memory, or you can use Logitech’s software to manage them from your computer. Of course, this software goes a step beyond, scanning your PC to determine which games you have installed, then automatically creating profiles for each.

It’s not the most modern mouse on the market, but users with a penchant for customization will be over the moon for how little the G502 Proteus Core goes for these days.

Verdict: The most versatile gaming mouse you can buy on a budget. CHECK PRICES

#10 – UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

DPI: 16,400 | Sensor: Laser | Interface: Wired USB | Buttons: 19 | Weight: 212.6g

  • Amazing array of customizable buttons
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Not ergonomic for left-handed players, or players with large hands

Last but not least is a great option for MMO players: the UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse. The standout feature is the array of numeric keys on the side of the mouse, each of which is angled and shaped slightly different and features clicky, responsive travel to optimize ergonomics. We like this layout for when you need crystal clarity on where each of your spells or abilities is hotkeyed.

Of course, the Venus is not limited just to MMOs; with its 16.4K laser sensor, it has plenty of precision for making quick but accurate moves against foes. There’s also the option to adjust DPI on the fly with DPI+ and DPI– buttons, as well as removable weights for dialing in the feel. Like virtually every other mouse on this list, the Venus has customizable RGB display with up to 16 million LED color configurations–or you can simply turn it all off if you need to bring your favorite mouse into the office.

You can typically snag the UtechSmart Venus for less than $35 online.

Verdict: An ideal choice for MMOs or gamers looking for a solid mouse on the cheap. CHECK PRICES


For every gamer, there’s a mouse that fits perfectly within their game plan. We’ve highlighted 10 top gaming mice, each picked for a different use case or budget.

Which gaming mouse will you choose? Do you have any experience with our recommended mice? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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