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5 Things PS5 can do in Rest Mode

Is your PS5 really “resting” in rest mode? 

Play Station 5’s rest mode follows the steps of other PlayStation consoles before it. But if you’re like most people, you’re most likely under-using the rest mode. Technically, the rest mode is for you! Because even in rest mode, your PS5 never stops working. These are five things PS5 can do in rest mode. 


1. Enables remote access to games

In rest mode, the PS5 connects with the PlayStation mobile app so that you can download, install and play games from anywhere. The PS Remote play powers this feature, allowing you to stream your PlayStation games from your console to your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop. 

To enjoy the best experience, you require a super-fast and stable internet connection and one of the latest android/iOS (if you want to play on mobile). 

2. Updates games freely at any time

Since the PS5 stays connected to the internet even in rest mode, it can quickly download updates and additional game files as soon as they release. 

What does this mean for you? For starters, it means that the PlayStation 5 will always be up to date. If a new game comes out, the system will download it and install it if you are offline.

To take advantage of this function, make sure your PS5 stays connected to the internet even when in rest mode. You should also set it to install update files automatically. 

3. Can charge the controllers

The PS5 console can recharge controllers in rest mode. We usually like to charge our controllers when the game is active. After long hours of gaming, you want to grab lunch; you can set your console on rest mode plug in the controllers to have them fully charged when you resume gaming.

4. Saves power in rest mode

PlayStation 5’s Rest Mode is intended to keep the console running in a low-power state while games, firmware, and other software download. Compared to the PS4, this feature helps PS5 consume much less power while offering more functionality. 

According to Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive, the company aims to build consoles in solidarity with the Playing for the Planet initiative to make the gaming industry more sustainable.

As such, the PS5 is powered by an integrated system-on-a-chip. All the components of this chip are organized into a single substrate to save power rather than having individual functionality. Similarly, the PS5 also has an energy-saving-suspend-to-RAM-mode which 

5 Rest mode allows you to suspend your game

When you have to step away from the game for a while, but you are not quite at a safe point yet, you do not need to quit the game. Just pause the game from the “in-game” settings and set the PS5 on rest mode. 

    In rest mode, the PS5 consumes power at around 0.5W, enough to keep the game running so that you can resume at exactly where you left off.

Next Steps

Now that you know all the benefits you can enjoy with PS5, you should be aware that putting PS5 in rest mode is among the things you should avoid doing on PS5. If you would be away from the PS5 for a long time, it is best to power off and unplug the console from the power source to prevent internal problems due to overheating.

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