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5 Things you should avoid doing on PS5

You can do plenty of things with your PS5, but you should abstain from doing any of these things at all costs.


1. Never Leave Your PS5 Running Without Activating Rest Mode/Shutting Down

Console fans tend to leave consoles running, thinking it’s okay to do because they’re using electrical power. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make with any console. 

It is possible for your PS5 to overheat if you keep it running without using rest mode or turning it off. If your console overheats frequently, it might create internal circuitry problems and possibly lead it to cease operating completely.

For that reason alone, you should always keep your console in rest mode when you aren’t playing it to give it a break.

If you notice the PS5 heating up, you should turn it off by pressing and holding down the power button for seven seconds. After that, make sure you ventilate your PS5 correctly before beginning to play again.

2. Don’t Turn Your PS5 Off During an Update

If your PS5 is in the middle of a significant update, you should never turn it off. Updates are major files that change your PS5. If you turn off your PS5 while it’s updating, you could negatively impact its ability to load files and even corrupt the system.

For that reason, you should only turn off your PS5 if one of the following conditions is met:

  • An update is all but complete.
  • The PS5 is frozen, and you need to shut it down to prevent damage.

If you are turning off a PS5 and it’s not in any of these situations, try to complete the last step it was doing.

3. Don’t Play a Disc With Scratches Inside Your PS5

The thing about discs is that, unlike flash drives or hard drives, they’re susceptible to damage. If your PS5 has a disc with scratches, it can cause the system to stall, causing you to lose progress in the game.

To avoid this, make sure you only use discs that are in mint condition and keep them in their cases when not in use. If you have a disc with scratches on it, you can only put the disc in your PS5 if you don’t have any data saved.

If you have data saved on the disc, you should delete it or transfer it to your hard drive first.

If you want to buy a new PS5 disc and check if it has scratches on it, place it on a surface like a table and look at it under a set of lights. Scratches will glare in the light and make the disc look a lot.

You’ll have to clean the disc as well. If you have scratches on the disc, you can try cleaning them by placing the disc on a disc cleaning disc for three to five minutes.

4. Don’t Clean Your PS5 With Alcohol-based cleaners

Alcohol damages sensitive electronics like PS5 consoles. It can cause your PS5 not to work at all, cause it to overheat, and even cause your disc to break.

However, many people like to clean their PS5 consoles with alcohol because they think it will clean away any dirt or debris or even get rid of the grease that builds up on their PS5 over time.

Alcohol may do all of these things but in a damaging way. Instead, you should use an erythritol solvent instead of alcohol to clean your PS5.

5. Don’t Use Your PS5 in Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold

When your PS5 is running in extreme heat or extreme cold, it can cause damage to your system. If your PS5 is in extreme heat, you should take the time to wait until it has cooled to a suitable temperature before rebooting.

You can also try to play in a cooler location to avoid this problem. If your PS5 is extremely cold, you can keep warm by playing in a place with an ambient temperature above zero degrees Celsius.

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