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Fun Things to Build in Minecraft

Are you looking for some fun things to build in Minecraft? If yes, you are reading the right blog. When it comes to building items or things, Minecraft has no limit. These are some fun things Minecraft players can create.

fun things to build in minecraft

1. Automatic Farm

Building something that will function automatically is the fun part of this game. You can build different automatic farms in Minecraft. Using Redstone to build automatic farms is highly recommended as the ingredient is quite fun to work with.

2. Themed Bases

Themed bases mean developing or decorating bases based on a book, game, or film, such as a Batcave or Hobbit hole. By incorporating external themes, you can make the bases more fun than ordinary Minecraft bases.

3. Underground Bunker

Some players might argue this to be one of the hardest items to build, but underground bunkers are undoubtedly a super-fun thing to build in Minecraft. These are totally invisible and contain everything you might need. If built properly, these bunkers are better than a general base.

4. Roller Coaster

Building a roller coaster in Minecraft might seem as fun as riding one in real life. You may not make the roller coaster go upside down, but features like sharp turns and huge drops are available. However, some of the materials you need to build it could be hard to obtain.

5. Ferris Wheel

Minecraft players usually use wood to make Ferris Wheel. However, you can add a touch of creativity using iron bars or netherrack. You may also use vibrant designs to make it look bright and colorful. Though there is no size-related restriction, you can develop a perfectly-sized wheel using the loop generator.

6. Wipeout Course

With Redstone, you can literally create anything. You can even use it to build a Wipeout course, similar to a famous TV show. By adding creative ideas, you can make this project more fun.

Fun Things to Build in Minecraft Pirate Ship

7. Pirate Ship

If you want to rule the seas, go ahead with building a pirate ship. If you can successfully put together a giant ship, it will showcase your technical knowledge and aptness.

8. Mansion

A mansion is one of the fun things to build in Minecraft if you want to utilize all your creative ideas about house decoration. While building it, you can add grand staircases, large hallways, luxury bedrooms, and storage areas to increase its grandeur.

9. Library

Whether or not you are a bookworm in real life, creating a library or a reading corner in Minecraft is indeed a fun thing to do. You can develop a building and decorate it with bookshelves, red carpet, and other items to make it look like a library.

10. Bridge

If your home in Minecraft is not located in a desert or savanna, a bridge should definitely be on your list of fun things to build in Minecraft. It will let you travel across water bodies easily and help you prove your ability to work with functional designs.


Creating new things in Minecraft is a fun way to spend your time. The 10 fun things to build in Minecraft that we’ve complied are worth your time, regardless of your experience.

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