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How Long Will it Take to Beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is the next game by From Software, the developer behind “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne”, but some fans are wondering how long it’s going to take them to beat Elden Ring.

Well, that depends on several factors, including whether you’re playing solo or online co-op mode with a friend. Some players have already shared their own Elden Ring completion time and I’ve seen playthroughs that took closer to 40 hours, while other people managed to beat it in less than 25 hours.

So how long will it actually take? Let’s find out

The Hype Around the Game

Elden Ring was first announced during 2018’s E3 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, as at the time From Software was still working on Bloodborne 2 and Dark Souls developer had nothing to say about those two games. However, they did promise that their next project would be an open-world RPG which is set in a huge fantasy world created by George R.R. Martin, the author of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series.

No wonder a lot of fans got hyped about Elden Ring, as the same team responsible for Bloodborne and Dark Souls is working on an open-world RPG based on a popular fantasy world created by a well-known fantasy author.

Long story short, the hype around Elden Ring was huge and that can be clearly seen on Elden Ring Game Stats, a site dedicated to tracking how many people are playing the game and sharing their gameplay sessions.

Some Tips Before You Start

It’s not an easy task for From Software to create several “difficult-but- , a website that shows you the number of people who are currently playing Elden Ring online.

What’s more, many people have already taken interest in the game’s lore and story, as some users on Reddit even started analyzing the footage we’ve seen so far to try to find out what they can expect from Elden Ring.

Time Investment to Beat the Game

So how long will it take to beat Elden Ring? We don’t have an exact answer, but the game is currently being played by over 100,000 people which can make us assume that quite a lot of gamers are actually enjoying Elden Ring.

If you want to check out how many hours other people took to beat Elden Ring, you can check out this article on Elden Ring Game Stats.

How Long Does it Take to Beat the Game Solo?

If you’re playing solo, basing off of similar games — a time of 15-20 hours for a first run is quite realistic if you don’t rush things and instead try to enjoy your playthrough by doing sidequest and looking for secrets.

However, if you do want to complete the game as fast as possible, you can definitely beat it in 12 hours or even less if you’re skilled enough.

Elden Ring Online

If you’re playing online and if there are other players in your world, the time it takes for you to beat Elden Ring will probably increase by 5 hours or even more if you take part in different co-op experiences, such as fighting against bosses together or exploring new areas.

What’s worth mentioning is that Elden Ring will feature an online-only mode where players can see each other’s monsters and figure out their strategies by looking at them.

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