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How to Build a Fountain in Minecraft: Beginners Guide

Building a fountain in Minecraft doesn’t have to be a suffer-fest. Most rookies end up lost on what to do because they tend to bite more than they can chew? What happened to starting little with a basic, minimalist fountain to test the waters and then scale up as much as you like later?

This is a no-brainer, really. And the good news is that you can make your minimalistic fountain just as beautiful as the intricate ones if you use the right resources, including certain building materials and water. Either way, you’ll find the guide here helpful in building both a basic and complex fountain.

Read on below to find out how.

How to build-a-fountain-in-Minecraft

How to Build a Minimalistic Fountain in Minecraft

In eight minutes or less, you should be able to build your first fountain, which is relatively easy to set up. However, regardless of your fountain size, you’ll need certain materials to be able to begin the construction at all; they are as follows:

  • 22 stone brick blocks
  • 8 glowstone blocks
  • 16 brick slabs
  • A bucket of water

With the above in place, you can begin building your fountain. The steps below will get you up and running in no time.

Setting Up the Fountain Base

You can use whatever type of blocks you want for this building project. However, you may find certain stone types to look more befitting on the fountain, especially when comparing them to brick or wood materials.

Regardless, the bigger you want the size of your fountain to be, the more resources it will consume to spring up to life. Thankfully, you’ll only need a few for the small fountain you’re building; thus, you shouldn’t run out of materials even as a newbie.

To build the fountain’s base, lay a five-by-five foundation using stone slabs on your preferred building site. You can, however, substitute this with any material of your choice. You can include as many decorative items as you want to spice things up a little bit.

Conversely, beef up your base size if you’d like the fountain to be bigger. But it’s still advisable that you stick with a small fountain for now if it’s your first time.

Creating a Pool By Removing a Layer

The next step you need to take is to dig up a dirt block right under the foundation of your fountain. The methods help create a path for a pool, which will be filled up with water and then save your fountain from flooding. 

Creating Pillers and Filling with Water

The pillar is probably the essential aspect of your fountain, and you can make it short or tall at your discretion. A short one should suffice for a small fountain. Once you’ve built your pillar, which should be around six stone blocks high, pick up a water bucket and drop it at the peak of your pillar.

Watch as the water runs down to fill up the foundation of your fountain. And, voila! You’ve created a fountain in Minecraft.

Final Notes

The above guide should serve as a blueprint if you ever need to build a more prominent fountain later. You can then be more creative and add as many decorative items to make the building stand out. Knock on wood while trying.

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