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How to Build a House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Starting in New Horizons never gets easier as you get a tent to live in in the meantime, thanks to the loan from ever-helpful Tom Nook. Everything in the game comes one step at a time, so you’ll get the prompt to build after some days on your island.

Once you’ve paid off your first debt to Tom Nook, you’ll be eligible to secure a new loan from him, which you can use to acquire a plot and build a house on it.

Here’s how it all works.

Building a House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


The first step in building your house is revisiting Tom Nook at the Residents Services building, located on the main square.

Initiate a conversation with Tom Nook and dialog with him to the point where you take out a loan. Keep in mind that the second loan is much bigger at 98,000 Bells. Don’t fret; you’ll garner enough Bells to pay off your debt by completing specific tasks and selling off staples you don’t need.

Once you’ve secured the loan from Tom Nook, work will begin on your house, which will be available in a few days. Time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons syncs with the real world, so you’ll have to wait long before seeing your new house.

Your first building is reasonably modest, built from brick and with just one small room. There’s only so much you can stuff in this house, but it’s enough to bring in one or two villagers to live with you. You can always upgrade it to a more presentable building once you’ve paid off your last loan to Tom Nook.

In the meantime, some furnishing will add a little touch of class and uniqueness to your home.


Furnishing your house is pretty much a DIY process. To ascertain what you’ll need to furnish your property, interact with the box in front of it, and you’ll see what the interior and exterior DIYs will be. 

The recipes for your DIY will differ from another player’s, so you might want to follow the steps below to make things easier:

  • Open each box and pen down what the requirements are for the DIY furniture
  • Bring out your Nookphone and launch the DIY Recipes app to check out each DIY furniture
  • List all the required items therein, including Clay, Wood, and Iron, then confirm how many of them you need
  • Press the X button to add the DIY Recipes to your Favorites, enabling you to easily locate them later

Stockpiling the resources, you’ll need for your DIY with this method will help you reach your totals in no time. You can also source for them by hitting trees and rocks with an axe shovel on your island. You can learn how to get an axe in Animal Crossing here.

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Final Notes

That’s how to build a house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Interestingly, you get 50 simple wooden fencing from Tom as a reward for completing the furnishing of your property. You can harness this to build designated areas around your home or that of a villager.

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