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How to get Pearls in Animal Crossing: 2 Fastest Ways to Get Pearls

Animal Crossing gets updated features occasionally. And typically, a few things do change after each update. One thing that changed after the first update on the New Horizon is the addition of Pearls.

This means that if you want to build one of those deep sea pieces of furniture, like the Mermaid series, you will have to craft all the Pearls for your recipe. This can be really daunting, given the rarity of pearls in the game. 

But don’t sweat. We’d show you two ways to get pearls for your recipe. On this page, you’d learn:

  • How to get Pearls in Animal Crossing New Horizon
  • How to find Pearls easily in bubbles


How to get Pearls in Animal Crossing?

There are two ways to get Pearls in Animal Crossing. Follow along as we walk you through each one:

Step 1: Get Pearls in the Ocean

Yes, it is entirely possible to get Pearls in the Ocean. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to Nook’s Cranny and get a wetsuit
ACNH: Nook's-Cranny
Animal Crossing World
  • Head over to the shore and press A to enter the Ocean
  • When you’ve swarmed around for a while, swim out and look for bubbles 
  • Dive around the bubbles using Y and catch creatures
  • Examine the creatures caught for Pearls

This procedure can be tiring because you have to keep trying until one of the creatures caught turns out to be a Pearl. But it is a working method to get Pearls, so you might need patience.

Remember, if it were easy to get them, Pearls wouldn’t be one of the rarest stuff in Animal Crossing. If you don’t want to try this step, try the second method.

Step 2: Trade Scallops for Pearls

Instead of collecting random creatures hoping to get Pearls, you can just collect scallops and trade for Pears from Pascal. 

Pretty simple, right? But you still have to collect scallops. Fortunately, doing this is very easy too. In fact, Scallops can be found randomly in the sea. You just have to keep swimming and diving until you find them.

If you have intentions other than collecting Pearls, you can sell Scallops in the Nook shop or donate them to the Blathers Museum. But since you want to collect Pearls, it’s pretty straightforward. Once you find your first Scallop, you’ll meet Pascal, who will trade with you for Pearls.

Now that you know how to get Pearls in Animal Crossing, run along and apply these techniques.

How to find Pearls easily in bubbles

Given how finding Pearls can be tiring, players often lose interest. The result is that sometimes the Pearls are sitting across them, but they aren’t paying attention enough to see it. Let’s help you avoid that- here is how to spot Pearls faster.

When swimming and diving for sea creatures, you want to look out for a few things. First of all, the shadow of a Pearl, which is usually small and stagnant. Secondly, keep your eye on how the sea creature’s bubble shows.

What we know, and most players have confirmed this, is that – unlike sea creatures which are living things- Pearls generate a low amount of bubbles as they rise from the sea floor. You should also notice that the Pearl will rise to the surface in a straightforward fashion because it most likely won’t be carried by sea waves like sea creatures.

Wrapping up

So, that’s it! The best ways to get Pearls in Animal Crossing. We hope that you will get the techniques right the first time. You may want to bookmark this page and run through the techniques again. If you are looking for more Animal Crossing tips and tricks, you’re in luck- we have an entire section dedicated to just that. Find our Animal Crossing tips and tricks here.

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