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How to Get Stone in Animal Crossing: Fastest Techniques to Get Stones

In Animal Crossing, players take on the role of a human character who lives in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, carrying out various tasks such as fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting. 

You must collect stones to go through the game. It can be used for various do-it-yourself projects, such as making fragile furniture and tools, but not for making clothes. Stones can also be used to decorate your home after building a house of your choice.

This is why learning how to get stones in animal crossing is essential. There are a few ways to get stones in Animal Crossing. As you would see in this article, getting stones in Animal Crossing is easy. Follow the techniques below:

Techniques to get stone in Animal Crossing

Find a single piece of stone next to a rock 

To find stones lying on the ground, simply walk around your town until you spot some. Stone can often be found near trees and other obstacles. Once you’ve found some stone, pick it up and add it to your inventory!


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Hit rocks

First, equip a shovel from your toolbelt to get stones from rocks. Then, approach a rock in your town and press the “A” button to swing the shovel. If you hit the rock correctly, it will break open and release the stone. Pick up the stone and add it to your inventory.


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Money rocks and gold nugget rocks, which are unique to the gold nugget + scorpion mystery island, are the only rocks in Animal Crossing that do not spawn stone.

Find stones in balloon presents

Maybe you’ve seen those boxes that just pop up out of nowhere? They’re called “presents,” and they come with all sorts of gifts for players. You might find flowers and fruit sometimes. Other times, practical things like a piece of furniture can be found in balloon presents.

In one present, a player typically finds one stone, which can be added to their inventory. The present initially appears as a white box with a red bow and can be opened in the player’s inventory.

Take stone gifts from villagers

Finally, villagers may occasionally give you a stone as a gift. If a villager offers you a gift, simply accept it to add the item to your inventory. Stone can be used for various purposes in Animal Crossing, so be sure to collect as much as you can!

Farm stones on Mystery Island Tours

You can get Stones fast by farming them on Mystery Island Tours. First, you need to have unlocked Mystery Islands by completing Nook Miles goals. To start a Mystery Island Tour, speak to Orville at the Airport and book a ticket. These islands are randomly generated so that each one will be different. You can only take 30 items with you on these tours, so make sure to pack your bags.

Obtain stones from fishing

Additionally, you can obtain a single stone if you fish from any body of water. The stones are usually acting as junk items, appearing with a small shadow size, so pay attention. When you eventually catch a stone, you will see a flavor text reading, “Now it’s all mine-ral!”

Wrapping up

Stone comes in shapes and sizes in Animal crossing. Notwithstanding, each piece can be used for various purposes in Animal Crossing. Be sure to collect as much as possible to take advantage of all the different ways to use it!

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