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How to Make a Ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’ve played New Horizons for some time or previous installations in the Animal Crossing series, you should figure that you can’t make a jump in the game by now. You can only technically maneuver your way around high areas and cliffs with special tools for jumping.

In New Horizons, such areas are out of reach until you get a ladder, which you can’t acquire until your fourth day on the island. This guide will walk you through the things you need to get a ladder DIY recipe and make one yourself. So, keep reading to find out how to make a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.


How to Get a Ladder


It’s no news that progress on your island boils down to the lengths you’re willing to go when the king capitalist Tom Nook assigns tasks to you. The same can be said about getting a ladder in the game. You should get one around your fourth day on the island, provided you do the following:

Bring a New Villager to Live on Your Island

See those Nook Miles you’re constantly amassing? This is where you finally put them to good use. You’ll need them to buy a Nook Miles Ticket at the Resident Services building. Just 2,000 Nook Miles per ticket, and you’ll be able to access Dodo Airlines, from where you’ll be flown to a random island.

Such an island is called a mystery island. You can mine the resources on the island to bring them to yours, but you can do much more. You’ll sometimes bump into castaways willing to move onto your island. You can reply with an affirmative after dialoguing with them. You can learn how to visit a mystery island here.

Get Your First Bridge Construction Kit


Building a bridge is integral to bringing a new resident to your island. As such, Tom Nook will offer you a bridge construction kit. It’s a makeshift wooden bridge, which will be up and running with just 4 log stakes4 stone lumps, and 4 log stakes. This bridge serves as an entry point for your island, and you can set it up in any location on your island.

Prepare the Space for Your New Residents

Tom Nook wants the new residents’ home to be fully furnished; thus, he’ll task you with setting things up, including all the decorations. One essential decoration item is a flower type not native to your island and can only be accessed on higher grounds.

This spurs the need for a ladder, which Tom Nook will explain and give you the recipe for. The recipe includes:

Once you’ve gotten these materials, you can hit the Workbench on your island and craft a ladder.

Final Notes

And that’s how to make a ladder in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While you have to complete a few tasks in your campaign before you can get the recipe, the relief that comes after getting one makes up for it. You’ll be able to access locations previously out of reach and explore every nook and cranny of our island.

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