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Top 3 Pop Up Blocker Safari Users Must Try

While you’re busy surfing the internet for business or research work, pop ups can become a headache for you. It’s impossible to find someone who doesn’t hate getting pop ups. In the early days, banks and payment gateway companies used this technique. But now, its usage has been accelerated as many websites use them to redirect you to misleading sites.

If you hate the pop-ups that randomly appear during browsing, you should block them. Here is how to block pop ups on Safari.

Pop Up Blocker Safari

Pop Up Blocker Safari Users Should Try

1. AdGuard

If you’re one of the users who run Safari for web browsing on their Mac machine, you can try the browser extension named AdGuard for Safari. Besides blocking pop ups, it can also protect you against ads, video ads, banners, and similar annoyances. What’s more, it safeguards your personal data from malicious websites, trackers, and hackers.

With this AdGuard extension, you get a variety of options to manage your browser pop up filtering process. For example, it lets you whitelist your favorite and trusted sites, enable or disable numerous filters, or create your personalized rules for filtering.

Moreover, you also get the chance to block annoying elements and directly report websites from the page.

2. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus (ABP) is another popular ad and pop up blocker for Safari. Setting up this extension is only a matter of a few minutes. You can either load preset filter lists to block most ads, or you may use the filter to stay away from malware and social media buttons.

If you’re an expert user, you might choose additional block lists or whitelist your favorite sites that you trust in terms of pop ups.

pop up blocker safari

3. Wipr

For those who want to use one single pop up clocker for Safari on their Mac and iOS devices, Wipr is one of the best options for them. This app can be bought from App Store. The good thing about this app is, that it not only works directly with Safari but also with apps that open their web pages through Safari.

There is no dearth of features with the Wipr app. When it comes to blocking pop ups, the app blocks GDPR notices, crypto miners, EU cookies, or any other pop ups that might get in the way of a smooth browsing experience. Moreover, it blocks trackers and apps that might be snooping to steal your data.

It regularly updates its blacklist so you can continue surfing the web without any interruption. This app also facilitates quick page loading on Safari from iPhone.


Since pop ups could be extremely annoying, Safari users often consider blocking them. Though they can use the internal settings of Safari to block pop ups, there are add-ons for pop up blocker Safari users want to use.

On the other hand, you might also be interested in learning the best ways to allow pop ups Safari.

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