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How to Sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Easy Steps to Follow

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is called a life simulation game for a reason: while you might think its gameplay ends with building, interacting, and completing mini tasks, you’d be surprised to learn that you can sleep in the game as you would in real life. You can also choose to dream and probably time travel if you wish

But it doesn’t end there; you can also have dreams wherein you can visit other players’ islands without them inviting you, although this is only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

In this guide, we’ll go through how to sleep in Animal Crossing New Horizons and dream in it, so keep reading to find out!

How to Sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

When starting the game, your first sleeping experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will come at the end of the introduction sequence. You’ll get a prompt from Tom Nook telling you to go to sleep in your makeshift tent. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Once you’ve gotten the prompt from Tom Nook, head to your tent. Open up your inventory if the tent is empty, with no furniture you can interact with
  • Tap ZL and scroll to the lief. This indicates a piece of furniture you’ll be sleeping on until you upgrade to a better bed
  • Select the furniture, which is a camp bed, and place it anywhere in your tent


  • Face the bed and hop on it
  • You’ll get a prompt to go to sleep for the day. Select the option “Yeah, I want to Sleep” to fade out your screen and wake up to a new day

Note that you can only have this type of sleeping experience once in the game. Hopping into your bed another time won’t make you wake up to a new day. If you jump into the bed henceforth, your character can only rest in it.

How to Dream and Visit Other Players’ Islands

Since sleeping in your bed won’t spawn you into a new day, the only thing you can do while lying in bed is to dream, provided you have a Nintendo Switch Online premium subscription. Otherwise, you’ll be unable to do so, with the only option given to you being to rest.


The tapir NPC, Luna, will help you in that regard. Follow the steps below:

  • Hop on your bed and select Yeah, I want to sleep
  • Next, select I’d like to share a dream, and then I’m ready
  • Follow the prompts to get your 12-digit Dream Address, which you can share with friends so they can visit your island in their dreams
  • Next, go to sleep again and, this time, select I want to dream
  • Select Yeah, I’m ready to connect to the internet
  • Pick the Surprise me option for Luna to send you to a random island or Search by Dream Address to input a specific island you want to visit

After completing the steps above, you’ll see your bed in the island’s town plaza. You’ll be able to explore this new world but aren’t allowed to change it. It’s simply a tour.

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Final Notes

That’s it! Now you know how to sleep in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and explore other players’ islands in your dream. Remember, you can always wake up back on your island by lying down on your bed and selecting I want to wake up.

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