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How to Replace an Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

Console gaming has become very interactive nowadays, which is one of the reasons why a headphone jack made its way into Xbox One gamepads. A chat headset is part of the experience, especially to those of you that like to engage with fellow gamers.

But when your Xbox One controller headphone jack malfunctions, a vital aspect of the gaming fun and thrill disappears.

Xbox One Controller

A broken gamepad headphone jack doesn’t have to stress you out all day. Here’s a quick and cost-effective fix you can try at home.

How to Change a Broken Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

You can replace the faulty audio component instead of buying a new Xbox One controller. DIY headphone jack replacement saves you money, considering the cost of a brand new console gamepad. Follow these quick steps to remove the faulty jack and install a new one:

1.      Remove Xbox One Controller Grip Panels

    1. Grab your prying tool. The tool is more efficient than other sharp objects like a screwdriver or knife, when it comes to separating pressure-fit plastic parts without causing damage.
    2. Stick the pry tool between the plastic seams on the gamepad’s grip
    3. Slide the pry too along the outer seam to detach the grip panel. You may lever the grip off the main controller until fully detached.
    4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the other grip

2.      Remove Xbox One Controller Covers

    1. Remove the battery cover for your wireless Xbox One controller and take the batteries out
    2. Grab your screwdriver and remove the hex screw under the sticker in the battery compartment. Keep in mind that breaking the sticker creates evidence that somebody opened up the controller. That action may void an otherwise valid warranty.
    3. Remove the four other screws from the underside of your Xbox One gamepad
    4. Remove the two controller covers to expose the inner components

3.      Separate Xbox One Controller Circuit Boards

    1. Remove the two screws securing the upper circuit board
    2. Carefully grab the upper circuit board and separate it from the lower one

4.      Remove and Replace Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

    1. Slide the now loose headphone jack off the circuit board
    2. Slide the new headphone jack into the appropriate slot on the top circuit board. Ensure that the jack’s metal prongs face the lower board
    3. Reattach the upper circuit board, ensuring that the connector between it and the lower board is properly secured
    4. Confirm that the Xbox One controller headphone jack is firmly seated between the two circuit boards

5.      Reassemble Your Xbox One Controller

You can now reassemble the controller and put all the screws back in.

The above steps shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to complete and get your Xbox One controller audio components in good working order.     

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