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Best Dedicated Server Hosting of 2024

If you have a high-traffic website that requires a very specific configuration, or you need to manage multiple websites, or you are experiencing extensive downtime, then a dedicated server is the answer to your problem. With a dedicated server, you will get an entire server to yourself. There will be no sharing of RAM, CPU, or bandwidth, which means your website stays responsive at all times.

While you may want to stick to the inexpensive shared web hosting, they’re not always the bargains they seem and surely do not provide you with the benefits that dedicated hosting offers in terms of optimized performance and enhanced scalability with full control at the server level.0.


Here we’ll take a look at the best dedicated server hosting the market has to offer.


best dedicated server hosting

Our Picks for Best Dedicated Hosting Services

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. DreamHost
  3. HostGator
  4. HostArmada
  5. Bluehost
  6. InMotion Hosting
  7. Liquid Web

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is a high-end option where you essentially rent a physical server with all its resources allocated just to you. It is all about having full control over your server instead of sharing it with someone else.

Depending on the size of the server, you can find dedicated server space for various rates that can range from about $50 to well over $250. Some dedicated hosting options also provide additional features that are typically add-ons, while some include them with the price of the server.

Dedicated server hosting is not only for experienced web developers or for a massive project or for a big corporate website. If you are an inexperienced user, you can still go for managed dedicated web hosting where your provider will handle the setup, administration, and maintenance of the server.

If you are a smaller user, you can opt for single-processor servers, and if you want a lot of storage and power, you can purchase a server with multi-core.

This hosting option basically allows you to handle your servers the way you want to without worrying about other websites while getting guaranteed server resources, complete privacy, and full-access control to keep your website stable and predictable.

So, if you are someone who is looking for reliability, faster page load times, load balancing, enhanced security, and overall better performance, then dedicated server hosting is something you would need.

Moreover, you don’t always have to shell out a fortune but can also look for cheap dedicated server hosting options.

What to Look for in a Dedicated Hosting Service

How exactly do you choose the best dedicated server hosting? We’ll share what to look for in order to pick the right dedicated server hosting provider among the pool of available companies.

Start with just what you all need. For instance, you need a highly customized solution for yourself or high bandwidth dedicated servers for your large-scale project or managed dedicated server hosting if you are not technically experienced. Having a clear idea of your specific needs will help you shortlist candidates.

Features: Uptime! Uptime! Uptime!

Outline your resource requirements and features that are critical for your project. The most important feature that you need to look for in a dedicated hosting service provider is an uptime guarantee. If your site is down, clients or customers won’t be able to find you or access your products or services, which can severely affect your business.

Customization: Your Site, Your Way

Does the hosting provider allow you to allocate space as you wish? You need to make sure that it is truly providing a dedicated server and that it is completely your own to customize and control.

Security: Protection is a Must

Your website needs to be protected against hackers and viruses. Some hosting providers offer firewall configurations while others provide extra built-in security features allowing you to get started without having to install any security.

Customer Support: 24/7 Client Services

Being the most expensive server hosting type, you must get full customer support. The support should be 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The hosting provider should offer technical expertise and make it easy for you to get in touch in case something goes wrong or you need an upgrade.

Have a budget as prices for hardware can vary greatly. While an expensive option, it is here where you get greater reliability and more flexibility in exchange for the additional money. Setup fees are not unusual and watch out for any hidden costs. Overall, it should be worth your investment.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

Let’s check out the best dedicated server hosting options and what each of them has to offer you as well as their shortcomings.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting’s server offers unmanaged hosting and fully managed hosting options that cost you $99.59/month with a one-year commitment as well as a money-back guarantee.

Its data centers cover the US, EU, and Asia while guaranteeing uptime of 99.99% and an average load time of ~285 ms. However, they only offer Linux configured servers.

The unmanaged plan comes with a decent 8 GB of RAM, but the good thing is they have the capability to boost this up to 512 GB. With the unmanaged plan, you get to choose your Operating System (OS) to go with it. Additionally, you get 1 TB of HDD disk space but only a 3.1GHz processor with 2 CPU cores.

A2 Hosting plans come with a powerful set of server components such as OPcache and APC that will speed up PHP processing. Memcached holds MySQL data for faster retrieval while SPDY and HTTP/2 accelerate page loads even further. Its performance-boosting add-ons include RAID 1 SSD storage, while its Turbo Boost feature, which is only available on higher tiers plans offers 20x faster page loads.

It also covers Cloudflare’s free CDN, free SSL certificate to protect your visitor data, and two dedicated IP addresses. Meanwhile, cPanel, backup storage space, and the Cloudflare WAF are subject to an additional payment. Other main features are the industry-standard root and SSH access and DDoS protection.

When it comes to customer support, only the managed dedicated hosting plans come with 24/7 support.


  • Anytime money-back guarantee
  • Cloudflare CDN, free SSL, and site migration
  • Data centers spread across the world in the US, EU, and Asia


  • Relatively high prices
  • Weaker servers
  • cPanel costs extra


Offering its services since 1996, DreamHost is one of the first companies to venture into web hosting. This award-winning WordPress hosting provider is an ideal choice for WordPress projects as it has been developing custom WP solutions for years now. Moreover, it has nine managed dedicated hosting plans for you to choose from, and every option comes with 24/7 technical support and server management.

While DreamHost does not increase its prices on the renewal, all of its hosting plans are non-refundable.

DreamHost’s entry-level servers start from $149/month that comes with 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, and 1TB HDD storage. The disk space, however, is not SSD and only top-tier plans cover it. All of its servers meanwhile are Linux-based, with an Ubuntu operating system.

Being a dedicated server hosting means you have full root access and shell access (SSH), giving you ultimate control of your server and allowing you all kinds of customizations. As for data security, DreamHost offers 24/7 DDoS protection and 2N+2 power redundancy. It also has RAID 1 storage for faster and safer data-keeping.

DreamHost further offers a custom-built panel to manage your websites, email, and databases. Firewall protection and SSL certificates are also part of its plans. One of the drawbacks is the provider does not have Windows-based servers.

While its server locations are limited to only the US (Virginia and California), it ensures 100% uptime and a speed of 636ms.


  • Highly customizable plans
  • 100% network uptime guarantee
  • Full DDoS protection and 24/7 server monitoring


  • Only US servers
  • No money-back or refund policy
  • Only Ubuntu Linux OS & HDD storage


Specialized in shared hosting services, HostGator’s rental options are rather limited. But it is one of the biggest providers on the market that offers three dedicated server hosting plans. They pack from 8 GB up to 30 GB RAM and from 4 up to 8 CPU cores.

Bandwidth is unmetered on all of its plans, and storage options vary from the traditional HDD to the much faster SSD but keep in mind the latter is not available with the entry plan. Additionally, HostGator offers a few dedicated IPs, unlimited databases, automatic backups, and server DDoS protection.

HostGator hosting solutions are either fully or semi-managed options with the choice of Windows and Linux operating systems, should you need more than the standard OS.

The lowest rate available here is an $89.98 monthly rate, but to benefit from this discount you would have to commit to three years. One thing to note is that prices are much higher on renewal, and there is no money-back guarantee or refunds with dedicated server hosting.

HostGator boasts of 100% uptime and an average server response time of 448ms. But its data centers are all in the US, which means the best performance is expected for US audiences.

Regardless of which plan you choose, HostGator promises you full control of your server via root access, meaning you are free to configure your server any way you see fit. In case you experience any issues along the way, HostGator has you covered with its 24/7/365 contact support.


  • Fast and reliable performance
  • Advanced DDoS Protection
  • Full root access


  • No unmanaged options
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Only US servers


HostArmada has emerged as a competitive player in the web hosting industry since its launch in 2019. The company is committed to offering reliable, secure, and fast web hosting services, including dedicated server hosting for high-traffic websites.

HostArmada’s Dedicated CPU Server Hosting is based on a redundant Cloud SSD platform and includes regular backups, malware protection, and SSL certificates for all websites. Clients get full root-level access to the servers and 24/7 technical support for any website-related issues that may arise.

The company’s hosting services are characterized by their 99.9% uptime guarantee and impressive page load speeds. With data centers located around the globe, visitors from any geographical area will experience fast website loading speeds. HostArmada also prioritizes ease of use, employing cPanel as its control panel to minimize the learning curve for website owners.

Security is another strong point for HostArmada, as every hosting plan includes free SSL certificates, daily backups, firewalls, malware protection and removal, and more. All plans are fully managed and benefit from full-time server monitoring and technical support staff who help ensure security is maintained.

HostArmada’s customer support is available 24/7/365, with a team ready to handle issues ranging from website migration help to security concerns and website optimization. The company offers four channels for getting in touch with support staff—phone, live chat, email, and a ticketing system—with live chat being the quickest response option.


  • Multiple data centers around the globe
  • User-friendly cPanel
  • Free website migration
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Round-the-clock server monitoring


  • LiteSpeed web server limited to higher tier plans
  • Expensive renewal prices



Offering some of the most cost-effective options for dedicated hosting on the market, Bluehost’s initial price for its dedicated server plan is $79.99 but requires a 3-year commitment from you. The good thing is there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Because it only offers unmanaged dedicated server hosting options, this option might not be the most suitable for beginners.

Bluehost, which has millions of users, offers three dedicated server plans, and while costs may start lower, prices increase on renewal. Moreover, none of its plans come with more than four CPU cores, and the storage extends to only 1 TB. On top of that, Linux is the only available option for an OS.

Now, on the bright side, you get free SSL, a free domain but for the first year, and a few dedicated IP addresses. It also comes with a cPanel and WHM for you to easily manage your resources and website. High-quality storage configuration tools like RAID 1 are also included, and if that doesn’t work for you anymore, you can always increase the available storage on your server whenever you need.

Its data centers are located almost all over the globe, with coverage in the US, EU, and Asia. Their uptime is 99.97%, which can be concerning to some, and an average speed of ~438ms.

Bluehost gives you complete control if you want to manage every aspect of your server and offers expedited support 24/7 if you need any help.


  • Affordable plans
  • Good uptime and speed
  • Free SSL certificate & domain name


  • No managed options
  • 3-year commitment for discounts
  • Costly upgrades and no free site migration

Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a range of dedicated server hosting options that are both managed and unmanaged. The lowest price for managed dedicated server plans starts at $139.99/month and the unmanaged options from $99.99/month. However, if pre-configured plans don’t work for you, you can also customize your own plan.

Both options offer plans that range from 4 to 24 cores, 1 SSD to 2TB NVMe SSD storage, and 16 up to 192 GB RAM.

Customizing options meanwhile come with high-performance Intel processors with up to 32 cores, SSD or HDD storage, custom software solutions, a custom amount of RAM and bandwidth, and secure server enhancements.

Additionally, all of its servers come with SSD storage for faster load times and use smart routing technology. The servers also come with multi-layers security protection and offer rebootless upgrades as required. You also have the option of running WHM/Cpanel for easier backend administration.

Its servers are located in the US, which means the best performance results for the US audience.

In business for about two decades, InMotion offers a wide product range rich with features including free cPanel license, SSL certificate, or customized firewall. Handy add-ons include the KVM remote management and Cisco hardware firewall. However, keep in mind it only offers Linux with no Windows options.

InMotion guarantees a 99.99% uptime and a 414ms average server response time. Additionally, prices don’t increase on renewal, and you will also be protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Both managed and unmanaged options
  • Highly customizable servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only 99.93% uptime
  • Only US servers
  • Discounts only on a 1-year plan

Liquid Web

Liquid Web’s dedicated hosting plan starts from $169 per month, but it only offers managed dedicated servers. Customizable cloud dedicated hosting service is also available starting at $149/month. But there is no refund or money-back policy at Liquid Web.

The good thing is it accommodates both Linux and Windows. All of its servers are PCI-compliant and scale easily. Each of its dedicated hosting plans also come with Cloudflare, full root access, IPMI access, SSD storage, ServerSecure security tools, and a dedicated IP address.

Even the smallest of its hosting servers comes with 16 GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, and 2×240 GB SSD storage. On top of this, you get vulnerability assessment, DDoS protection, and Akamai CDN.

You further have the option to choose one of the control panels out of InterWorx, Plesk, and cPanel/WHM. cPanel is included in its entry plan free of charge, but other plans are without any control panel, and you are required to purchase any of these three options as an add-on.

The provider’s servers are spread out across Michigan (US), Arizona (US), and Amsterdam (Netherlands). Liquid Web has an average response time of speed of 417ms and guarantees an uptime of 99.99%, as well as 100% service level agreement (SLA), as per which the provider credits ten times the amount of downtime to your server. Its support meanwhile is available 24/7 through phone and chat support that comes with its every plan.


  • Fully managed dedicated servers
  • DDoS Protection and CDN
  • 100% uptime


  • No refund policy
  • Not a cheap option
  • EU servers are significantly expensive

What’s the Difference Between a Dedicated Server and a Cloud Server?

A dedicated server is a physical server located offsite and does not make use of virtualization technologies. Here, your data is typically located in a single data center, whereas cloud servers could be located in multiple data centers.

In a dedicated server, the customer gets an entire server not shared with anyone else, making it an expensive option but provides the owner full control and high customization. The highly scalable cloud server is cost-effective as you only pay for the space and resources you are using.

Is Dedicated Hosting Faster than Shared Hosting?

Generally, dedicated servers are faster and more reliable than shared servers because they offer more resources like CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. These resources are used only by your websites, unlike in shared hosting, where many websites are stored and hosted on a single server.

In dedicated hosting, you own all the resources and have full control over the server, and it can be managed as per your needs. While it is an expensive option, it provides superfast load times and more flexibility.

Does Minecraft Run on a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated servers are faster and more reliable and have advanced performance potential making them an efficient platform for gaming workloads. Because you have exclusive use of an entire server, dedicated servers are the ideal option for online Minecraft gaming. The popular multiplayer online gaming series requires a server that provides you all the control allowing you to adjust the game mode, easily upgrade the hardware, and make other modifications to the settings to your preferences.

Final Word: Big Businesses Need Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers are usually the peak of your hosting journey and are often utilized by big enterprises, media-heavy websites, multi-functional apps, and websites with high volumes of traffic.

So, if you are a small business owner, you’d be better off with shared or VPS hosting. However, as your business grows, dedicated servers make it easy for you to scale your website as well. Moreover, if you are looking for flexibility and complete customization, dedicated server hosting is the way to go.

In this hosting type, you can further choose between managed hosting, which is more expensive because the host takes care of all the server configuration and updates for you, and unmanaged hosting, where you are the one taking care of all of the server setup and maintenance.

Now that you have all the information about the best dedicated server hosting providers, you can make the right choice for your website and business.


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