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Access And Manage Your Frequently Visited Links From LinkCloud

If you’re trying to push your life to the cloud, you can get started by putting your links up there. Instead of syncing bookmarks to your frequently visited sites from one system to the other, you can put them all on LinkCloud and access them from any system or any browser. In LinkCloud all your links exist as icons in groups called clouds. You can create multiple clouds and add different sites to them, they can be accessed anytime by signing in to the free web service.


While it might not make sense to use the service in place of syncing between systems (when using the same browser), it can help if you often have to use different browsers and find it annoying to use another service just to sync your frequently visited links and bookmarks. You can’t sync between all browsers so it’s better if you have one good service that you can access from anywhere and in any browser.

LinkCloud lets you create multiple clouds (for grouping different links). You can group links based on type (blogs, directories, favorite sites) or based on use (work or personal). The links can be dragged and arranged any way you want in the window and you can pan through the window to view your links. You can add links to any site you want and search sites like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook etc directly from their links in the cloud. Regardless of which browser you have to use, you can now get your links in one spot and you can also sync your bookmarks with the service.

Extensions for Chrome and Firefox are also available, they allow you to quickly and easily add new sites to your cloud. You can also share your link cloud with friends. The service lets you generate a URL for your cloud and set password protection to restrict who can and can’t see your cloud.

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