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AutoCorrect Typos In GMail When Composing Emails [Chrome]

As a word processor, one of the greatest things about MS Word is that it fixes your typos and grammar automatically, as a browser, the great thing about Chrome is spell check (Internet Explorer 10 might have an edge over it though) and of course, Gmail too saves you from coming off as a bad speller. The point is, all these spell checking and grammar correcting features save our skin, they’ve been covering our hides so long we’ve become bad spellers and we love them for it. So, Gmail is naturally great because it tells you when you’ve misspelled a word but what it doesn’t do is auto correct your typos. ezAutoCorrect for GMail is a Chrome extension that auto corrects select typos as you type in Gmail.

To get a better sense of how this extension works, open MS word, type teh (typo for The) and press the spacebar, it is automatically corrected to The. Now imagine this happening in Gmail, that’s what this extension does. It runs quietly and unobtrusively in the background and fixes those little mistakes you make as you type. As opposed to having to right-click a misspelled word and choosing the right one from the context menu, this extension will automatically correct the words when you hit the space bar.

ezAutoCorrect for GMail

The list of typos (which aren’t listed anywhere) are, for now, hard coded (i.e., you get what you get). It corrects words like teh to The, yuo to You, dont to Don’t and i to I. The slight short coming with the extension is that you can’t add your own customized corrections. The developer has promised to add the feature if the extension is deemed useful by users, i.e. shown some love. I personally found it amazing and will be sending the developer a cake in hopes that it’ll get that feature implemented sooner.

ezAutoCorrect for GMail corrected

Even if it doesn’t correct all the typos you make, it corrects some of them and there is no harm in having it run in the background.

Install ezAutoCorrect for GMail Extension For Gmail


  1. I HATE IT! It keeps automatically changing my surname and I am sending out email to government bodies only to find that it has gone out with a completely different surname to mine! It just keeps changing it. I want to get it OFF!

  2. I did NOT ask for nor install
    EzAutoCorrect, and resent very much some Power beyond my control inserting this junk into my email as I type. Another example of some outside entity intruding into our private lives. For those who want perfect grammar/spelling, great. My complaint is not against the APP but against its unwelcome intrusiveness. HOW do I get rid of it?

  3. I am wondering why nobody has mentioned Spell Bee! It is iPhone style auto-correct for chrome. It is the reason why I shifted from Firefox to Chrome.

  4. I just published a new version of ezAutoCorrect for Gmail. You can now define your own word substitutions. This also allows it to be used for any language…

    No cake needed…

  5. As the developer of ezAutoCorrect for Gmail I want to thank you for this glowing review! I actually created it at the request of my wife who always types lower case i and wanted it automatically replace with upper case. I will definitely add the option of defining your own substitutions soon…

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