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Beautify FB: Add Tweaks & Custom Backgrounds To Facebook [Chrome]

Bored of Facebook’s plain white look and same old chat sounds? Beautify FB, a Chrome extension, gives Facebook a new look and feel, which is nicer to look at. It lets you customize the design by changing the background color or adding a background image, rounded corners for the Newsfeed and other content. You can add transparency to the sidebars, so that the background image is more visible. Change the chat sounds, hide sidebars and add many other enhancements, such as keyboard shortcuts and an emoticon bar in every chat window. The extension also lets you add the Beautify FB Options to the main menu, right next to the Home option.

After you’ve added different tweaks and enhancements, you will notice a number of changes in Facebook’s layout and interface.


You will find four main tabs in the Beautify FB Options, namely Main Settings, Style Settings, Tweaks and Enhancements and Version History. The Main Settings allow you to place Options Menu in Account and Main menu. You can also enable the Reload Facebook after saving changes option, so that every time you make a change, Facebook automatically reloads and you can see how it looks.

main settings

Next, you will find Background Options and Transparency & Position settings. Select the standard Facebook background, add a gradient by selecting colors from the color picker displayed to the right hand-side, select solid, or enter an image URL to fully customize Facebook’s background. By default, the extension has its own image URL as well, and you can use the same if you want. Change the transparency and position of the main content, menu bar, left and right sidebar.

Style settings

Activate Audio Notifications and select a sound type. You may also add multiple enhancements, such as Add Logout to Menu, Keyboard shortcuts, Emoticon Bar in every chat window and more. It is also possible to hide sidebar elements, like Requests, Pokes, Events and More. During testing, I was unable to hide the pokes, probably due to some bug.


Beautify FB lets you customize Facebook and make it look more attractive. If you’re bored of the same old look, then visit the link below and try it out.

Install Beautify FB For Google Chrome

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