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Blog Scrobbler Tells Your Twitter Followers Which Blog Posts You Are Reading

Do you have a good following on twitter and would love to share the blog posts you are reading with them? Blogscrobbler is an add-on for Firefox that let’s you do exactly that. If you spend a minimum of 15 seconds reading a blog post, it will automatically tweet it to your twitter account.

will scroble in 15 seconds

It notifies you by showing a small pop-up on the upper right corner of the screen.

scrobbled this post

Since this add-on does not have a page in Firefox add-on directory, you have to manually install it. First download the .xpi file and then open it with Firefox. Once you have installed this add-on go to Tools and select Blog Scrobbler options to add/change twitter account and other settings.

blog scrobbler options

You can change the number of seconds until the post is scrobbled, add websites to whitelist/blacklist and choose to shorten the URLs with Tinyurl or Bit.ly.

blog scrobbler shortening url

If you want to shorten the URL with bit.ly then you will have to enter the username and API key, otherwise Tinyurl will be used as default URL shortener. Enjoy!


  1.   Manual submission is best way to getting quick links in your search engine and improve your traffic. when you submit your links through software then your links quantity unlimited. search engine like quality links not quantity so best for you if you use manual submission that good.

  2. this works for me.. kinda. install works & options menus etc, but when I view a blog it gives the yellow “will scrobble in 15” but never turns to “scrobbled.” & never does…

    using ff v.3.0.12. hit me on twitter if you need further info/figure out a fix, plz =]

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