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Buy Amazon Products Later When Price Drops Or When Stocks Are Back

Did you ever visit Amazon to buy a product but found the price to be too high or the stocks were out of any product? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a utility that can notify you when the price drops or when stocks are back? Buy It Later is an extension for Firefox browser that notifies you by email when a product’s price that you add to “Item Watch” drops or when simply the products are back in stock.

This is how it works, you install the extension, enter your email address(which will be used to notify you), and simply start browsing Amazon website. When you visit a product that you want to buy but the price is too high or it is out of stock, click the “Buy This Later” button and the product will be added to the “Item Watch”.

Buy This Later screenshot

The biggest drawback is that the developer has not updated this extension for Firefox version 3.5, otherwise it is worth the install if you frequently shop online.

Download Buy It Later


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