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CleanupTabs Sorts And Automatically Closes Unused Tabs [Firefox]

Creating a mess in your browser is one of the easiest things to and cleaning it up is practically one of the hardest. If you’re a compulsive clicker who clicks at every hyperlinked text or twitching image, it’s more than likely you browser window looks like it is ready to explode. While there aren’t any proven methods of solving the habit of compulsive clicking, there are many ways of keeping your tabs organized. CleanupTabs is a Firefox add-on that automatically closes unused tabs and sorts all tabs in order of the ones most recently viewed. Additionally, it numbers tab and reduce overall memory usage. It allows you to choose the maximum number of tabs that you can have open at a given time and define webpages that the add-on will never close.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, visit its options and modify them to your liking. By default the Enabled option will be checked. If you check the Sort tabs option, they will be sorted in the order they were opened in. The Show tab option adds numbers for better management of your tabs. You can also set the number of Max Tabs that can be open at a given time. This means that if you have tabs open greater than the number specified the ones that you do not visit frequently enough will be closed. The Never close tabs matching patterns field allows you to enter domains of websites that, if they are open and left idle in the browser window, will never be closed. You can add several domains and separate them by a semi-colon.

The tabs are simply numbered in the most recently viewed order.


Additionally, the add-on can be prevented from closing tabs that you haven’t seen. Tabs that you opened in the background but haven’t visited yet will not be closed. This will ensure that a tab you meant to get back to later is not lost. Finally, you can prevent pinned tabs from closing.

This add-on is quite useful for those who sift through multiple tabs, and forget to close unused ones. It helps keep Firefox’s memory usage low and, at the same time, provides options for ensuring your most important tabs are retained. The tab number feature might not be all that useful but the sorting one is worth a try if you don’t like the way your tabs are arranged. It provided faster access and management, and can be grabbed at the link provided below.

Install CleanupTabs Add-on For Firefox

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