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Create Secure Password – Check Password For It’s Strength Using Password Meter

Are you using the same password for all your web accounts and unsure if its strong enough? Many of us mostly use the same password for all the accounts, but it is important to make sure that the password is strong enough so that nobody is able to hack it. It is always advisable to to keep a different  password for all the accounts, but if you want to keep a single password for most of your accounts and make sure that it is secure enough then you will need some software to determine if your password is stronger or not.

Password Meter is a web-based application for password checking that helps you generate the password with every possible word and numeric combination. Not only you can test the strength of your existing passwords but it will also provide guidelines for creating a stronger much secure password. It calculates the positives and negatives of possible combination of words using its own algorithms and comes up with the number that corresponds to potential strength of your password.

password meter

It’s function is to calculate the strength of your password based on a number of factors and show a  detailed table which shows password guidelines and strength affecting factors. The best thing is that no email or sign up is required to test your password.

password meter 2

Do let us know if this service helped you in creating stronger secure password. Enjoy !

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