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Create Self Updating Playlists From YouTube & Share Them On Facebook

Sharing a playlist from YouTube on Facebook isn’t exactly easy, apart from that, updating the playlist isn’t possible without having to share it again. TubeLoop is a free web service that lets you create playlists from YouTube videos you’ve shared on Facebook or from YouTube itself and share it on your wall. You can rearrange the videos’ order by dragging & dropping them and you can update the playlist anytime. Your friends will be able to access the updated list from the same link as before.


The best feature of the service is the self updating playlist, other than that you can use it to search for videos on YouTube, or for YouTube videos that you or your friends have shared on Facebook. The site gives you a complete dashboard of the playlists that you create, you can name them whatever you want, and add as many videos as you like.

To create a playlist; click on the big plus sign button on the bar at the bottom, name your playlist and start dragging & dropping videos to it. You can view all videos added to a playlist in a horizontal bar just above the playlist bar and you can click the dropdown arrows on either ends of the playlist bar to open a dashboard showing all playlists you’ve created.

TubeLoop library

The service is best used for when you’re researching with friends and want to share multiple instructional videos.

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  • mark

    My best choice for creating music playlists is jampri.com. Requires a facebook account to signup but then uses facebook social graph and friend of yours can help by suggesting songs to you!