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Cycle Through Recent Tabs Using User-Defined Hotkeys [Chrome]

Although Google Chrome comes with a feature to open recently closed tabs, it doesn’t provide a convenient way to open recently visited/viewed tabs. If you open a lot of tabs while surfing the web, Recent Tabs may help you navigate through opened tabs. It’s an extension for Google Chrome that allows you to easily switch between last viewed tabs by displaying them in a pop-up window. Alternatively, you can choose to use Ctrl+Q hotkey combination to open the recently viewed tabs. The extension displays the recent tabs in the order you access them. You can also change the number of recent tabs to be displayed in the pop-up window, from the Options.

Once the extension is installed, you can simply access the most recent tabs by using the aforementioned shortcut key. When you press the shortcut key, a pop-up window appears over the current webpage., letting you jump to any recently viewed tab.

recent tabs

The Recent Tabs Options allows you to set a shortcut key, enable the Show tab list popup, and change the number of Max recent tabs to show options. A maximum of ten recent tabs can be displayed, but if you want to view all your open tabs, then simply select the Show all tabs option from the drop-down menu.

Recent Tabs - Options

We reviewed a similar add-on for Firefox that allowed you to go through your open tabs with the help of the Ctrl+Tab key. The key combination for the Firefox add-on seemed to make plenty of sense as it is close to the Windows+Tab shortcut for going through open windows.

This extension not only does not support the Ctrl+Tab short (you can’t enter it no matter how hard you try) and you have to resort to using a letter key instead but another shortcoming of the extension is that should you switch to a Chrome web store page or one of the setting’s pages(Flags, Extensions etc.), the extension becomes unresponsive. This might just be a technical limitation with Chrome as extensions are hardly ever responsive on these types of pages, however, some extensions have been known to be built particularly for such pages (like those that modify your History page) and work perfectly.

Recent Tabs is a useful extension for people who open a lot of tabs, and find it difficult to manage them. You can install the extension from the link given below.

Install Recent Tabs For Google Chrome

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