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Earbits Radio Lets You Discover Unique & New Internet Radio

Discovering new music has been made easier with online Radio stations and music streaming services like Spotiy, Last.fm, Pandora etc. The only problem is with these services you will only ever hear mainstream music. Radio stations play top and trending songs from famous artists. While this might be enough for the average music appetite, for someone who is more of an audiophile, finding great music by lesser known artists is also important. Earbits Radio is a web app that lets you sit back, relax, and stream online radio without any boring ads or commercials. The service features songs from different genres by lesser known artists. Earbits works directly with these artists to bring their work to you. You can go back and forth from one genre to the other, and skip through unlimited tracks. You can also share music with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Earbits Radio has a vast range of genres and music stations, allowing you to choose from House, Classical, Reggae, Hip Hop, Country to Electronic music, and each genre has further sub-categories. Once you launch the app, a song starts playing. You can choose to continue to listen to the song or explore other genres.

The genres are listed on the left with the music player and controls at the top of the web app. The genres each represent music stations that contain other sub-stations. Click any station to start playing a song from it.

You can skip as much as you want or just listen to a variety of songs. The app keeps you busy by giving detailed information for each artist. If you like music from a particular artist or band, you can also listen to more songs displayed at the bottom left side of the page. Entire albums for some artists are available. You can like or dislike a song. A song that you dislike is stopped where it is playing and a new song is played. There is also a buy button on the music player that lets you buy the song from iTunes, Amazon or any other online music store.

Making it possible to discover and connect with different artists and their music, Earbits Radio certainly deserves your attention if you are a hardcore music junkie. The web app has a database of some 70,000+ songs and while you won’t hear any Nirvana or Aerosmith playing, some of the artists are quite good.

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