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Educate & Motivate Students With Videos From YouTube For Schools

Finding high quality teaching resources to prepare lessons and lectures can be a time consuming and tiring process. YouTube recently launched a brand new service, YouTube For Schools, that addresses this problem and helps teachers, professors and students by letting you browse through thousands of hours of video content in a controlled environment, without any distracting content. Also, these videos will make the whole learning experience interactive and exciting. You can either sign up for free, or log in with your Google account (YouTube recommends that you don’t use your personal account). YouTube For Schools gives you access a huge library of educational videos on YouTube EDU, including lessons from teachers around the world, and other inspiring videos from different leaders.

YouTube For Schools is especially customized for teachers, as they can access a wide variety of videos and add them to their playlists. Similarly, schools can create channels and add multiple playlists. These videos have the potential to spark an interest, make theory come to life, and more. The website also offers tutorials for teachers, so that they can learn how to use YouTube as a powerful educational tool.

You can either Sign up or Login with your Google account, and access both YouTube EDU and YouTube Teachers from the homepage. A list of Features is displayed at the bottom of the page. In addition to that, you may watch the video and learn how you can use this amazing tool to change the way you teach and deliver lectures.

YouTube for Schools -

You will find All Categories drop-down menu on YouTube EDU (Education). This drop-down menu has three main options, Primary & Secondary Education, Lifelong learning and University & College. Each of these categories further contains an extensive list of channels, sorted in alphabetical order. The University & College category consists of videos from different fields, ranging from Mathematics, Science, Business, Humanities, Arts, Education, to various others. You can also find a list of channels of major educational institutions from all around the world.


YouTube Teachers is an effective tool for education, focused towards helping teachers. With this portal, you can start off your lessons with engaging video clips, and motivate students in a unique way. It has a massive collection of high quality educational videos, and also consists of short lessons and lectures from the world’s best professors. YouTube Teachers makes the learning process more visual, and explaining a topic becomes easier.

YouTube Teachers portal consists of four main categories, Why YouTube, Getting Started, Classroom Videos and Suggest Videos. Why YouTube basically explains why these videos should be used in classrooms. Getting Started has a detailed tutorial for teachers, and explains how they can create a channel and add videos to their playlists. Next, the Classroom Videos tab has further categories for Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Each category further has three levels, Elementary, Middle School and High School, all containing videos on various topics suitable for classroom viewing.


YouTube For Schools is one useful service that will make life easier for teachers & students alike. It will save teachers the long search for the right content, and can have an intense impact on the education sector all over the world.

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