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efTwo (F2) Finds Multiple Words & Their Inflections On A Page [Chrome]

The Ctrl+F or Find On Page function that is present in all browsers is moderately helpful in finding a certain word mentioned on a page but it isn’t entirely helpful if you’re searching for information on a topic since it matches the word(s) letter to letter. efTwo (F2) – Advanced Find on Page is a Chrome extension that makes the find on page function work as it should. The extension not only remembers search terms but also automatically highlights them, in addition to finding and highlighting the word you searched for, it also looks for grammatical variations of it (tenses, adjectives or adverbs) and allows you to search for multiple words at the same.

efTwo (F2)

The extension is ideal for searching forums where information is present but highly unstructured and difficult to find. The extension lets you search for different words on a page at the same time without coupling them together as a phrase. It remembers keywords or phrases that you entered in either Google, Yahoo or Bing and highlights them when you click-through a search result. To search for multiple words, type in a word, hit enter and type in another one in the find box. All words will be highlighted in a different color.

efTwo (F2) basic settings

To get the extension to remember search terms and to highlight them when you open a webpage from the search results, enable the options from the extension’s options. The extension adds an icon that looks like a keyboard button with the letters FF on it next to the URL bar. To use the extension, hit the F2 key or the F key twice while holding down the Shift key. The extension also remembers which search terms you looked for on a particular page and auto fills them when you revisit the page.

efTwo shortcuts

You can choose which shortcuts you want to keep active by editing them from the extension’s options.

Install efTwo (F2) – Advanced Find on Page Extension For Chrome


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