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Eventnote – Post Google Calendar Events Directly To Evernote [Chrome]

What happens when two of your favorite organizing and event tracking apps come together? Organizing bliss! If you use both Google Calendar and Evernote to make sense of all the happenings in your life, Eventnote is a Chrome extension that you might find invaluable. It adds a checkbox in the Google Calendar interface after connecting with your Evernote account and adds the event to your Evernote notebook. The extension does not work in Google Apps.

eventnote options

Before you start adding events, you need to login to Evernote by clicking the extension button next to the URL bar. Once logged in, you can choose which notebook it should add the events to. You can also choose to have the Post to Evernote box checked by default by checking the Checkbox in Details On/Off by default option in the extension’s pop-up.

eventnote google calendar

The checkbox appears when you click Edit event details on an event. Check the Post to Evernote checkbox and hit save. A desktop notification will alert you that the event was successfully posted to Evernote.

eventnote desktop notification

Install Eventnote Extension For Chrome


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