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Official Gingerbread With Sense 2.1 For HTC Desire OTA Rolling Out Now

Finally the wait is over for HTC Desire owners waiting for the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. Multiple sources, including XDA and some other Android portals, confirm that Gingerbread awesomeness is on the roll now and all unbranded HTC Desire handsets are eligible for this update. Although we appreciate the OTA update from HTC, but this being only for unbranded handsets, will have nothing to do with carrier prisoned folks.

The rumor, which now looks to be true, started circulating earlier today at XDA where different users posted their chats with HTC Live Support reps confirming the GB rollout. Apparently the chat posters were blatantly grilled on offense of trolling the forums because none could confirm the existence of any such OTA notification.

Here is a confirmation chat excerpt taken from XDA and was originally posted by nickislauw, Senior XDA Member:

Nick : Good afternoon
Dries: Hi Nick, thank you for contacting customer support from HTC. Currently I am just to read your question.
Dries: It has recently begun rolling out but that happens, however, using the IMEI number. It is not known exactly when your device’s turn but when it does, you will automatically offer the update OTA.
Nick : Okay! that’s good news, but on the Facebook page of HTC is that he has not yet rolled out?
Dries: The Facebook page has yet to be updated.
Nick : Ah okay, but I’m talking about the old desire, not the desire Z
Dries: Yes, Desire of the wounded.
Dries: I apologize, I meant regular
Nick : Haha okay, and do you know which version of Sense’s on?
Dries: This is version 2.1

Updating through IMEI is something new that we have witnessed, as every carrier branded HTC Desire unbranded through unlocking bootloaders and root will not be eligible to receive this update. It is also evident from the conversation, if true, that this OTA is regarding regular HTC Desire and not for “Z’”, “HD” or “S” variants. For unbranded off-the-shelf HTC users with root, it is highly advisable to stay away from this OTA and wait for a custom ROM to induct the changes and updates integrated with this build. We, at AddictiveTips, don’t want you to brick your device just for the sake of getting the “official” version.

If you have an unbranded desire and haven’t received any OTA update notification until now, then probably you will need to wait for your turn for this to happen. Our comments section below is open, so feel free if you get to munch the Gingerbread.

Update: HTC has seeded Gingerbread for Desire update for developers. Click here for more information.

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