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Extragram Updated With New UI, Discovery Section & Full-Size Instagram Images [Web]

Last year when Instagram decided to open their API to third party developers, we came across a number of web apps that allowed users to finally interact with their instagram network outside their phones. One such web app that we covered was Extragram that provided users with a slick UI, some great design and intuitive navigation. Over time, Extragram has updated its interface with several new and improved features, making Instagram, which lacks its own web app, much easier to use even on a dekstop. Granted that you cannot still post photos, the service otherwise now offers you full-size images and a new way to comment on photos. You will be able to follow celebrities/brands, quickly view photo statistics and share individual photos on other social networks, without having to login to the website. Moreover, a Discovery tab has been added to the interface, which lets you explore unique and interesting images and Instagram users. You may also turn off public pages and browse photos with a visually more appealing interface.

To start using Extragram, all you need to do is sign in with your Instagram account. Once logged in, you will be able to view Feed, Popular, Likes, Profile, Discover, Search and Account options to the top-right corner of the page. A new feature lets you follow celebrities or brands and quickly share individual photos on other social networking websites, like Facebook and Twitter, without logging in to Instagram itself. The Feed category lets you browse images added by people that you follow, whereas the Profile category overviews all about you, including all your uploaded photos, your followers and people whom you follow.

updated profile view

The new Discover tab lets you search and explore images by Hot tags and multiple categories, such as Actors, Music, Sports, Personalities, Food and more.


Additionally, you can click the Search option and easily search images by either usernames or hashtags.

Easily search by People and Tags

Another feature Extragram has added to their interface is the ability to view all images in full-size, with an improved commenting interface. You will also find multiple social media buttons displayed under comments that you can use to share the photo on respective network, along with an option to copy the link for the photo that you’re viewing.


Settings allow you to Share your public URL on Facebook, Twitter or Google, and you can enable the Keep me informed of new features option by clicking the checkbox.


With all these new features, Extragram is arguably the best third-party web app for Instagram to date. The new interface is both beautiful and well thought out, with extra features like Discover and full-size images adding even more value to it. We recommend all instagram users to definitely give Extragram a try!

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