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Find & Highlight Multiple Words, Print With Markings [Chrome]

MultiHighlighter is a light-weight, yet powerful Chrome extension that allows multi-word searching/highlighting on a website which makes it easier to search for specific words in a lengthy article. The extension comes with a search bar that can be displayed by using the Ctrl+Shift+A hotkey combination and can be closed by pressing the Esc key. All search terms are highlighted with unique background colors, and multiple words can be highlighted at the same time. A real time count of the matched term also appears in the search bar’s status area. Moreover, the extension does not interfere with the default Chrome browser search functionality, and another great feature of the extension is that highlighting is preserved when the webpage is printed. You will also find a text redaction option in the search bar, that allows you to redact currently highlighted terms, but this feature is currently not functional, and will be added soon.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar or press Ctrl+Shift+A combination to highlight multiple words on a page. Search and highlighting occurs simultaneously as you type a word in the MultiHighlighter search box. The syntax for separating words so that they are all highlighted is to add a space before and after a comma. For example; to search and highlight Facebook, Twitter and Google+, enter Facebook , Twitter , Google+ in the search bar (note that there is a space after each word and each comma).


Only words with a length greater or equal to two are searchable, and search is case-insensitive. The extension takes care to use a different color for each word so you can distinguish them easily. One flaw the extension has is that it does not scroll the page to wherever the text appears. The default search bar in Chrome lets you move to the next word match by pressing the return key.

MultiHighlter is a handy tool that gives you fast search capabilities and lets you quickly find specific words in a lengthy article.

Install MultiHighlighter For Google Chrome

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