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Firefox Account Manager Add-on

One of the main reasons that make Firefox a top-pick amongst great web browsers is its add-ons. They not only enrich the user experience but also dramatically enhance and improve the features that the browser offers. Account management is one of the key areas of focus for any user, since many websites require you to sign-in or sign-up in order to use their services.

We have have previously recommended the famous add-on, LastPass, as the best password manager. It seems now that Mozilla is trying to bring-in their own version of the add-on in the form of Account Manager, but with a different flavor.

The Account Manager as of yet is a beta test service, primarily because it uses an entirely new standard that has so far been implemented by only a few websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, to name some). Hence, the usability element is rather break at the moment. What it does is letting a user sign in to a website directly from the toolbar instead of needing to visit the page itself. Mozilla is calling it their ‘Connect’ feature.


In my opinion, the main disadvantage of the account manager, apart from limited support, is that it can utilize only the credentials stored within the browser itself. This poses a two-fold problem. First, your passwords/connections are not available at all your workplaces, and second, anyone with access to your browser can misuse your accounts. Mozilla may want to look forward to getting around this if they want to compete the likes of LastPass.

Account Manager can be installed as an add-on while in beta.

Install Account Manager (Firefox Add-on)


  1. I will use Sticky Password as I am used to for last few years. It cover all functionalities as this add-on I think.

  2. Just been trying this one out as the other password integration tools have their own shortcomings.

    The only sites that the mozilla addon doesn’t seem to work on so far are vbb forums. Finishing up my list of sites but don’t see any others that will be a problem.

    As for security, you really have to set a master password otherwise the password security inherent in FF is weak at best.

  3. The second problem, that anyone can misuse your account, is the same for normal password saving.

    Someone with access to your browser can go to a site to log in, and Firefox enters the credentials for you.

    • Exactly. And not only that, but if you have LastPass at your workplace, what’s keeping you from installing Account Manager?

      The only limitation, then, is just the number of websites that support this standard.

    • I feel there is a keen difference between LastPass and Account Manager. With LastPass, my browser is an ordinary, public browser unless I have put in the master password. And even then quitting the browser will ensure that LastPass has logged out. That won’t be the case with Account Manager, it’s resident in the browser, credentials remain there nevertheless.

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