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Firefox Media Player – Greezmo

Greezmo is a free add-on for Firefox that lets you play video/audio playlist easily from within Firefox. Once its installed, you will see a proper media player interface in the status bar from where you can play/pause, move between videos, shuffle, and do much more.

So you must be thinking what’s the catch here? Instead of having to open YouTube music videos on different tabs and playing them one by one, this Firefox add-on will let you play all YouTube videos from within the browser without disturbing any of your work.

greezmo firefox video media player

To add media to the playlist, click Open Manager Panel button. Now you can either create a new playlist or add videos to an existing playlist. To create a new playlist, click playlist icon and select New.

create new playlist firefox

You also have an option to Rename a playlist, Import/Export it, or Delete it. Now search for any song on YouTube and drag it to the playlist, this will add the video instantly.

greezmo adding music video to playlist - firefox

Next step would be to click Play and start listening to the music, in case you want to view the video too, click Open Video Panel.

open video panel firefox

Clicking the shutdown timer will shut it down after a specific period of time. By default there are three options, 30mins, 1 hour, and 2 hours. And did I mention that it will automatically create a new bookmark from where you can access your playlist. 😉

Downlaod Greezmo Add-on (Firefox Video Manager)


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