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FullSearch: Search Any Text String Across All Open Tabs In Chrome

Going from link to link while researching a topic is nothing extraordinary, and you may soon find yourself with more open tabs than you can count at the end of your search spree. Then, it’s also not uncommon to forget where we read a particular piece of information, and checking through over 50 open tabs one by one is plain frustrating (true story). This is where FullSearch, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. The extension allows you to search for text in all open tabs at once, and shows a list of search results right in the pop-up. Moreover, clicking any of the results takes you to the particular tab with the highlighted text. The extension’s search options are very responsive and unobtrusive at the same time.

After you’ve installed the extension, type the search term in a pop-up, and the extension will search all your open tabs for the particular text. It will then process the search results in only a few seconds and display them under the blue bar.

Next, you can select a result from the list, and it will instantly be opened in a new tab with the highlighted search term. In addition to that, the FullSearch Settings allow you to assign a shortcut key to search text in all tabs.


There are multiple options for sorting the results. The extension searches text in a tab; that means everything on the website itself will also be indexed in the search. This can leave you with results that you are not looking for. The sorting options come in handy here by letting you sort results by Title, URL and the time they were opened.

The extension allows you to merge selected tabs into a single window, insert text in the title, inject code and capture all images in the selected tab. This last option is rather slow even if there are only a few tabs open. There are multiple options for selecting tabs and you can select or deselect all but one based on a substring. Finally, you can have the extension list all open tabs by clicking the Get all tabs.

FullSearch can be quite useful specially when you’ve got a large number of tabs open and you’re unable to find a particular term that you knew you read somewhere. It works seamlessly and lets you save a lot of time.

Install FullSearch For Google Chrome

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