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G++ Adds Facebook & Twitter Stream In Google+ With Full Functionality

SGPlus was a Chrome extension reviewed last month that allowed you to bring Facebook and Twitter feeds to your Google Plus stream making the move to the new network a lot simpler. While the extension itself had almost every feature you could possible want, we found one that takes takes it up a notch. G++ outshines the previously viewed extension in two ways; it isn’t just for Chrome, there’s also one for Firefox and the new extension doesn’t have a lag time before it can show your Twitter feed like in the previously  reviewed one. You can toggle between feeds by simply checking or unchecking the boxes integrated in the Google Plus interface. The extension lets you see incoming news items from Facebook and allows you to like, comment and share items, it also lets you see your Twitter timeline and lets you reply/retweet from Google+.


Once installed, the extension will add three checkboxes next to Streams in the middle column. The G+ column is already checked, check the Facebook and Twitter boxes to connect your account and your streams will start appearing automatically. You can like and comment on news feeds from Facebook or retweet tweets directly from the Google Plus interface.

Google   retweet

In addition to that, you can toggle any news feed on or off by unchecking the box on top or switch the extension off from the Google Plus interface by selecting the off checkbox next to the extension’s icon on your Google+ page. The extension also adds a Refresh Stream button that allows you to check for new feeds and tweets across all three accounts.

Install G++ Extension For Chrome & Firefox


  1. This post does not explain that the feed is not automatic, its very much manual- you have to be sitting at your browser watching the stream come in, as thats the limits imposed by Google.

  2. I got the extension running on firefox on Ubuntu, but I can’t say I’m thrilled. It displays G+ posts and twitter posts (I’m not using facebook at the moment) in an alternation: G+, twitter, G+, twitter…rather than chronologically. And some twitter profile images are rendered as huge, eating up the background of several posts in a row.

    In short, the feed just doesn’t look that good. I haven’t experimented with the cross-posting yet.

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