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Get iOS-Like Smooth Scrolling With Full Customizations In Chrome

If you dislike the way your Chrome browser moves the pages up and down in little jumps, then Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a Chrome extension that deserves your attention. It makes scrolling webpages a beautiful and smooth experience, implementing iOS-like kinetic scroll. With it, you can fine tune the mouse scrolling and smoothness, so that it becomes more comfortable to navigate lengthy websites. Smooth Scrolling reduces strain on your eyes and prevents you from getting disoriented. The extension automatically becomes active on all webpages, and you can easily change the Step Size, Smoothness, Smoothness (Forepart) and Acceleration Sensitivity options from the extension’s Properties.

The extension does not add any buttons to Chrome, and takes effect as soon as it is installed. Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller Properties provide you with four mouse and keyboard scrolling settings that can be changed according to your preference. The settings include Step Size, which is the count of pixels scrolled by a tick of a wheel, Smoothness, that lets you control the brake level and fade level at the beginning and end of a movement, and Acceleration Sensitivity, defining the step size when the mouse wheel is flicked quickly.

mouse wheel

You can also change the intensity of the bouncy edges, or completely disable them, and add website URLs to the blacklist. Overall, Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller is a nice extension that lets you fine tune mouse and keyboard scrolling for reading lengthy articles. With it, you will never loose track of content you’re looking at, and if you’re in love with the scrolling experience on your iPhone or iPad, you should definitely install this extension.

The extension is a ported version of a similar and extremely popular Firefox add-on called Yet Another Smooth Scrolling. The extension is a must have if you would like to set different sensitivity levels for mouse movements in the browser but are happy with the way it works for the rest of your system. Also, neither Windows nor Mac allow this level of control over the scrolling options and that is just another reason to have it installed in your browser.

Install Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller For Google Chrome

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