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Give Empty Tabs In Chrome A Desktop Look With All Options In One Place

Cognition Desktop Application - Google Chrome

Cognition Desktop is a Google Chrome Extension that replaces the empty Chrome tabs with a theme to give it a “desktop” look and essential buttons for quick access of browser options. When mixed with the Cognition Application Framework it can be used as a front-end to the browser through AJAX/CGI. However, when in the standalone format, it acts as a New Tab replacement intended for quick access to Google Chrome features.

It is in fact an extension for the Cognition application which can also be used separately. By default it displays day, date, time, along with buttons for, bookmarks, recent downloads, history, extension management and Chrome options. There is also a button for the Cognition Go menu which can be used for setting “command flags” to perform a variety of tasks (e.g. management of installed applications via the Google Web Store with commands run through the JavaScript Command Flag). Some examples include, listing, enabling, disabling and Uninstalling Applications. The list of commands can be acquired here.

Cognition Desktop Extension for Google Chrome

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