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How to Change Snapchat AI Gender

My AI is the name of Snapchat’s AI chatbot. It’s an amazing tool, based on ChatGPT, that lets you generate text and answer questions. It even works when you’re in a Snapchat group messageeveryone can use it at the same time.

This genderless name is attached to an avatar. You can change the avatar to look however you want, maybe to match a cool AI name you have in mind. Not only can you edit the overall gender of the Snapchat AI, but you can even edit the skin tone, hair style, and other characteristics to make it look exactly the way you want when you chat with it.

It’s really easy to change the Snapchat AI gender from the app. And you can do it as many times as you want. Just open My AI’s profile settings to get started. Below is everything you need to know about how it’s done.

Quick Summary

Here’s the short version for how to change the gender for Snapchat’s My AI:

  1. Press-and-hold My AI on the Chat tab.
  2. Select Avatar Settings.
  3. Select one of the gender options, then tap Save.

How to Change Snapchat AI Gender

You’ll need to access My AI’s profile to change its gender. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Chat tab to open your list of conversations. This is where My AI lives.
  2. Tap its current profile image to the left of its name. It’s the contact at the very top of the list.
  3. Use the three-dot menu at the top to select Avatar Settings.

The My AI menu in Snapchat for Android


  1. Select the gender you want to use. The top one is more feminine, and the bottom is more masculine.
  2. The next screen lets you adjust all kinds of physical traits, which you can use to make the Snapchat AI look more like the gender you want it to have. This could include editing the hair style and color, the skin tone, eyelashes, etc.
  3. Press Save when you’re finished.

The My AI avatar editor in Snapchat for Android

How to Rename the Snapchat AI

My AI is the name that every Snapchat user has for their AI chatbot. That’s not very unique. Fortunately, you can change this name whenever you want to. It works much like how you can change any of your friends’ display names. 

Here’s what to do:

  1. Locate My AI from the Chat tab and tap the avatar.
  2. Tap My AI to open a pop-up box.
  3. Edit the name, then press Save

Making a new name for My AI on Snapchat


That’s it! You’ve now not only changed the Snapchat AI gender, but it also has a new name. Go ahead, introduce yourself to your new friend. 

Have Fun Using the Snapchat AI

ChatGPT is different from a search engine; therefore My AI is, too. This means you can ask it almost anything, and you can even set a custom personality, much like how you can customize ChatGPT.

While you’re clearing out old identities, did you know you can also change your Snapchat username? Be thoughtful, though, you can only change it once per year!

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