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How To Create Flash Applications Online For Free

Do you want to create flash applications like, widgets, banners, animations, mashups, etc? Produle is a free online service that lets you create flash based applications in the cloud without coding. It includes a full featured editor that lets you create any flash application instantly.

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While you create a free account, you are given a free 100MB space, full admin access, license to create unlimited apps, etc. All your apps are stored in the cloud which is powered by Amazon web services.

produle app development

To see what you can make using Produle, check out their Showcast page. Even through the service is great, the developer needs to fix some bugs before launching it to the public(According to them, the service is under testing phase, so  if you find any bugs you can report it to the developer).

Some features include:

  • Build-in Asset Manager
  • Ability to manage complete data
  • Option to publish and share your application
  • Integration of Google Analytics to track and manage your visitors



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