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How To Easily Open Multiple Bookmarks And URLs In Firefox

Tabbed browsing has now become a long-established norm, and it is very convenient to open all your required pages within one window in different tabs. Supposing that out of your 50 bookmarked pages, you have 20 that you want to open in new tabs, it can be really troublesome to open the bookmarks menu 20 times to open each, going through excessive clicking and mouse movements to get the task done.

Stay-Open Menu is a Firefox add-on that keeps the History and Bookmarks menus open for multiple clicks, bringing ease to the entire process.

Using the add-on is really simple. Once installed, navigate through your bookmarks or history menus, and middle-click all those items that you want to open. The menu will remain open and the items will begin opening in new tabs (as with standard Firefox browsing).

Stay-Open Menu

It also works with the Smart Location Bar of Firefox, where you can open multiple selections in the same way.

Stay-Open Menu1

In order to close, you can set the option to using the Esc key or clicking elsewhere, or automatic closing of the menu once mouse navigates away from it. This and some other features are accessible through the add-on’s settings.

Stay-Open Menu2

Stay-Open Menu requires at least Firefox 3.0 or above to work.

Download Stay-Open Menu

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