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How to get Karma on Reddit

To get Karma on Reddit, earn upvotes by asking questions, creating posts, and writing comments, which Redditors would enjoy.

Reddit is the largest niche-based internet community where users rely on each other’s expertise and personal experience to learn stuff. Getting many karma points shows you are a topic expert who has been extremely helpful to the community. 


But beyond the pride that comes with being a helpful person everyone wants to listen to, having the freedom to post as many times as you want is one of the advantages of earning more karma.

If you’re new to Reddit, you can only make a few posts within a period. This can be frustrating when you really need help, like this user named kvafpremed in the picture below.


Since no one knows how much karma is needed to remove this restriction, and karma points are needed to access some subreddits, exploring various ways to get karma is vital.

So, whether you’re using Reddit to market your business or simply upload a video of your dog, this post will teach you six tried-and-true ways to et karma fast on Reddit.

But, first, you want to know how the Karma system works.

How the Reddit Karma System Works

Karma points show how much value the community derives from your contributions. No one knows the exact calculation that generates these points and if it affects where your profile ranks on the platform.

However, some Redditors get millions of karma points from consistently helping others get answers.

For starters, you will get one karma point when you make an account. Gradually, you’ll accumulate more points as you engage in karma-rewarding activities.
For example, you will earn one karma point if your comment gets one upvote.

However, getting 10,000 comments will not earn you 10,000 karma points. This is where the metric gets complicated.

Reddit’s developer built it that way to discourage spammers. It is not uncommon for people to create channels with thousands of members outside Reddit, where they encourage each other to upvote a member’s post.

So, to earn karma points, ignore the math and spend time genuinely helping people on the channel.

How to Get Karma on Reddit Fast

Post content of value to the community

Creating highly engaging content will get you loads of upvotes on Reddit. One way to do that is to write more text posts.

Previously known as “self-posts, “text posts make up 65% of Reddit’s content. While posting videos, GIFS, and memes are sure-shot ways to get upvotes, creatively explaining a process through long engaging text is the ultimate test on Reddit.

On the one hand, users will start to see you as an expert on the subject. On the other hand, you have the chance to develop a unique writing style that will set you apart from most people on Reddit.

When writing feels like a burden, but you still want to stay active on the platform, consider browsing Reddit in pictures. That way, you can see funny and exciting pictures where you can write short, snarky comments for engagements.

Give and receive awards

If you have Reddit coins, you can use them to gift ‘awards’ to exceptional posts. This is a great way to reward your favorite contributors and encourage them to continue creating exciting posts.

In exchange, you will receive karma points equivalent to the amount of coin used and how early you are awarding a post or a comment.

Ask questions that prompt users to write thought-provoking responses

“Can you make sauce from tomatoes?”

The best response to that question is “Yes, you can” or “No”. If you’re karma-hunting, you’ll want to write a more open-ended question to generate more meaningful engagement.


Something like this gets lots of engagements:


The key is to treat Reddit like an interview session. You’d get a detailed response from your interviewee if you asked open-ended questions. Most Redditors respond to open-ended questions by sharing their personal experience.

This way, your content gets more responses from the community. The more response you get, the more comment your post gets. And ultimately, you can expect upvotes and karma of the equivalent value.

Comment on new posts that have the potential to go viral

Being the first person to comment on a post ensures you stay on top of the comment train. And if your comment is engaging, you can expect to get lots of upvotes.

Similarly, your comment will receive upvotes if users find the original post interesting.

A rule of thumb is to create alerts for new posts in a subreddit so you don’t miss the top spot for comments. Google the best to create alerts and automate Reddit to get started.

Your chances of getting upvotes are reduced if your comment gets buried under the comment train. To avoid this, be the first to write comments under posts that are likely to go viral.

When you start doing this consistently, you’d probably get more alerts than you can keep track of. To avoid missing out on those karma-juicebrowse Reddit’s history for visited links and write comments that will get you upvotes.

Create posts during Reddit’s peak active hours

Creating posts between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Eastern time can get you more engagements because that period is peak time in various time zones.

But this is not a silver bullet for getting an engagement. If your post is not engaging, you can get many downvotes during these hours. So, it goes both ways.

Don’t leave a conversation hanging

If you’re karma-hunting, you’ll want to write a more open-ended question to generate more meaningful engagement.

Even if the response seems to cover everything you wish to know about a question, don’t just ignore the responder. Reply to them with a “thank you” to appreciate their effort and ask how they come to have so much experience with the topic.

Developing a genuine human connection with people is key to building a reputation on Reddit.

Look at these guys

adt-how-to-get-karma-on-reddit adt-how-to-get-karma-on-reddit

They’ll probably get their account shadow-banned for posting irrelevant comments or farming karma points. You don’t want that for your company or business page.


Even though many Redditors say, Karma is “fake internet points,” those who know its value invest time to get thousands. Following the steps above is how to get Karma fast on Reddit. 

However, don’t be so carried away by the numbers that you fail to genuinely help OPs.

To ease your karma-hunting adventure, learn how to use Reddit faster and efficiently.


How do you get Karma fast on Reddit?

The fastest way to get Karma on Reddit is by commenting on new posts, writing text posts the community would love, and giving awards for exceptional posts.

How much Karma do you get per upvote on Reddit?

You will get one karma point per upvote on Reddit. When you start getting thousands of upvotes, the number of karma points is reduced. This is Reddit’s way of preventing spamming. 

How to get comment karma on Reddit

Get upvotes by posting thought-provoking comments to get comment karma on Reddit. Ensure that your comment complies with Reddit’s guidelines to avoid getting shadow-banned. 

Should you ask for upvotes on Reddit?

No, please don’t. Although people do this sometimes, like the example I shared earlier, the Reddit community generally doesn’t like it, and there’s a chance your account gets shadow-banned altogether!

Can I join upvote groups on Reddit?

While there are no hard rules against any subreddit, joining a subreddit created to spam upvotes for its members might reflect negatively on your profile. 

Will you lose Karma on Reddit for inactivity?

No, you won’t lose Karma for inactivity. 

Can you buy Karma on Reddit?

Technically, it is impossible to buy Karma on Reddit. The whole point of Karma is to show you as a very helpful person in your community. That way, Redditors can trust you to help them genuinely. You violate this trust when you buy Karma because your karma points are not genuine. 

That is why even Reddit’s coin or a paid membership cannot buy Karma. If anyone promises you some karma points in exchange for money, they are likely a scam.

Can mods give Karma on Reddit?

Mods don’t have a special ability to give Karma. By upvoting or downvoting a post, Mods also contribute Karma like the regular Redditor.

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