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‘I Need To Read This’ Lets You Add Articles To Your To-Read List

Did you come across an interesting article and said ‘Oh I will read it later’ or ‘I don’t have time now’ and after a few days forgot about it? It happens with everyone, that’s why all browsers have build-in Bookmarks feature.

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I Need To Read This is a new online service that lets you add all important articles to your to-read list, in this way you can keep track of all articles on the go. Another useful feature is that you can enable the feed and let your friends know which articles you are reading.

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There are two ways to add an article to the list, the first is rather simple, just click Add an article and then enter the URL. The second method is a bit clever, first click Bookmarklets link and then drag&drop the bookmarklet to the Bookmarks in your browser.

adding bookmarklet to firefox bookmarks

Now whenever you want to add a interesting article to the to-read list, simply go to Bookmarks and then click ‘I Need To Read This’ bookmarklet. You will see the confirmation in a pop-up window.

article added to the to-read list

To share your articles with your friends or co-workers, enable the feed by going to Settings and then share it with your friends. That’s all.

public feed for to-read list


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