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Instantly Bookmark And Share Web Pages In Chrome With AddInto

AddInto is a Google Chrome extension that allows instant sharing and bookmarking of webpages via more than 100 social networks, email, blogs, etc. Users can also disable history for shared webpages and customize the services that appear in the sharing menu. Just click on the + icon next to the address bar and select a service/option to share, email or bookmark the web page with. All services can be viewed at the same time by clicking on the +More option. This opens a new window in which all services (other than the default ones ) are viewable.

Bookmark And Share

To select what services to display by default, go to Tools –> Extensions in Chrome and click on Options next to the AddInto extension icon. From here you can click on the services that you wish to see by default. All selected devices appear in grey and the unselected in white color. History for shared web pages can  be disabled from the Disable History tab.

AddInto - Social button - Options - Google Chrome

AddInto Extension for Chrome

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