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Integrate Firefox, IE And Chrome Into One Browser With Lunascape 5.0

Do you switch between different browsers for daily activities when some of the sites don’t work properly in particular browser? Then you should consider using Lunascape 5.0(currently in Alpha version) which lets you integrate Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome into one powerful browser. With Lunascape you will have a choice of selecting the rendering engine for various incompatible websites to the other browser which makes switching between browser less tedious. It optimizes the most of the rendering engine that benefits the end user.

One of the best features of Lunascape is that it supports most of the common Internet Explorer add-ons and toolbars and is optimized with enhanced anti-crash technology which is based on JavaScript Execution for best possible performance.

lunascape window

The three rendering engines of all the browsers namely  Gecko, WebKit and Trident can be selected by the users weather they open a new tab or a new window. The rendering engine can be changed even in the middle of the browsing session by right clicking on the tab easily.

rendering engine lunascape

This browser may come especially useful for web developers when they check the web content for compatibility issues with various rendering engines. This browser will keep on  improving because its still in its alpha version but its worth a try if you are annoyed by switching between different browsers.

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