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Lock Firefox Menu Bar With A Password, Limit Access To Private Data

If you have privacy concerns and want to limit access to the Firefox menu bar, then Hide Your Menubar, a Firefox add-on, can be of great help. This is a simple, but useful, tool that locks the menu bar with a simple click on an option in the context menu. Once you’ve locked it, the next time you launch Firefox and click an option in the menu bar, Firefox will ask you for a password. To unlock this bar, simply enter the password and gain access. You should note that the menu bar stays locked as long as you don’t unlock it. It increases privacy and prevents other users from accessing your history, bookmarks and other private browsing data.

After you’ve installed the add-on, a Lock Menubar option is added to the right-click context menu. When you click Lock Menubar, the extension notifies you that the menu bar will be locked the next time you open Firefox. The Menu Bar is locked with a password. When you click this option the add-on notifies you that the Menu Bar will be locked when you reopen your browser next. At this point you’ve only told it to lock the Menu Bar but haven’t set a password which is important. Close and reopen your browser immediately.

When you launch Firefox again, click any one of the options in the Menu Bar and the add-on will prompt you to enter a password. Once entered, it will be used to unlock your menu bar in the future. The add-on will then by default lock your Menu Bar each time you exit it.

The concept of the add-on is good but there are some major flaws to the execution. While the add-on bars a person from accessing the Menu Bar, a user can still open the Add-on manager with the keyboard shortcut and uninstall or disable the add-on. The add-on will not ask you to enter the password when being uninstalled and any protection you had is easily lost. This isn’t exactly a trivial issue as it renders the add-on useless and since keyboard shortcuts work and whoever you are trying to keep out can still open bookmarks and your browsing history. The developer should also consider hiding the password when it is typed to unlock the Menu Bar. Since it is visible now, it can be easy for someone looking over your shoulder to hack it.

Hide Your Menubar locks the menu bar for protection against misuse of your private data. The add-on can be installed from the link below.

Install Hide Your Menubar Add-On For Firefox


    • When you lock the menu bar for the first time using this add-on, the first attempt to unlock it will ask for the password. You can set it up at that time, and use the same later. I must say, however, I was unable to find any means to change the password.

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